Hamilton College Community Farm

Earth Oven
Snow Crown Cauliflower
Garlic Scapes
Ruby Red Chard
Black Raspberries
Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce
Red Ace Beets
Farm Stand
D'Avignon Raddishes
Pea Plants
Lacianato Kale
Washing Chard
Red Russian Kale
Chiogga Beets
Winterbor Kale
Weighing Cucumbers with the Glen House Scale
Weighing Cucumbers with the Glenn House Scale

A Note on Prices

These lists are what should be charged for the various crops in general, although judgment must be exercised. If a product is less than ideal, charge less. Charge less when there is a lot of a product available and it must be sold or it will go to waste, such as summer squash in the middle of the summer. Also, prices change from year to year, and it is important to stay current so as not to be charging significantly more or significantly less than other farmers in the area. Compare prices with the Clinton Farmer’s Market, and the Food Shed Buying Club website to stay current.

Prices and units for retail verses wholesale are clearly different. It is more convenient to charge by pound for many products in bulk, and these vegetables can be weighed using the scale from the Glen House, with permission from Andrew Jillings. Because Bon Appe´tit is HCCF’s main wholesale customer, they have a lot of input into these prices. As a new crop is ready for sale, consult with them to find out what they think a fair price is, and then make a judgment call.