Hamilton College Community Farm

HCCF History

Founding: 2007

Both the administration and Bon Appetit (Our Food Service Provider) have been incredibly supportive from the beginning.  Founded in the fall of 2006 the Community Farm began with the idea that it would be really great to be able to grow some of our own vegetables on campus.  A small group of students drew up a proposal for a farm and brought it to President Stewart.  This was brought in together with the 1812 garden and our combined forces made our case to the administration.Within weeks we had a response, and far more positive than we had even hoped for.  The start up costs were funded directly from the presidents discrecionary fund with garden managers paid through an external grant from the Kohlberg Foundation.  The fall of 2007 saw the initial plowing of the area, installation of a water line, and our first planting: Garlic!

2008 Season

The first full season began with much anticipation and busy preparations for readying the land.  Construction projects included a 6 foot deer fence and a storage shed with covered washing area.  It was a busy spring while we figured out what we would plant, when it should be planted, and still organized the initial land prep.  We had a great deal of help in this from Nancy Grove of Old Path Farm in Saquoit, who help has be invaluable throughout.