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Northeast Farm Field Trip 2010

In late July 2010 we took a weekend road trip through the northeast to see what other college farmers were doing.  Dartmouth, Middlebury, Yale, Wesleyan, and Green Mountain College were scheduled with a stop at Fat Rooster Farm in VT where Susannah Spero '13 was working for the summer.

Schools on the Web

Middlebury College Organic Garden

A college garden similar to ours, the Middlebury Organic Garden is well tended and esthetically pleasing. Facing similar issues with volunteer support and building community ties, their garden manager, Jay Leshinsky, is very knowledgeable about everything gardening, especially seed varieties, and is a helpful resource. Their work with using the garden in a diverse educational ways is inspirational.

Dartmouth Organic Farm

The Dartmouth Organic Farm is one of the oldest farm programs in the North East. Scott, the farm manager, is interested in how organic gardening fits into education, and staying up-to-date on interesting and exciting sustainability projects.

Yale Sustainable Food Project

The Yale Sustainable Food Project is one of the most established and well funded college farms in the North East. It has helped many other schools establish gardens, and has many resources to help answer questions about getting started and communication.