Online courses to launch next week
In an effort to join the growing market of online learning, Hamilton will launch two courses with the online learning company edX starting March 1.

Minds for Change hosts speak out on mental health

Campus grapples with freedom of speech



Ties that bind: fostering a more constructive community

In the past few weeks, our campus has become irrationally divided, and, frustratingly enough, these differences are largely artificial. Yes, we all have different opinions, beliefs and backgrounds, but beyond all that we all share Hamilton as our temporary home. That, more than anything else, should be enough to unite, rather than divide, us in the face of individual differences. With the goals and hopes of the college in mind, we should be able to have intellectual diversity, creative differences and even arguments without tearing ourselves apart, and furthermore we ought to use these encounters with difference to better ourselves as a community. Whether you like or dislike any or all of your peers opinions, you also chose to create a community with them for a few short years. And communities above all work together to become better together; they do not give up and drift apart.

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Special Feature: Free Speech at Hamilton

Increased conversation will lead to better understanding, by Cesar Renero '17

Political correctness must not hinder debate, by Evelyn Torsher '17

Free speech is never free, but the price is worth paying, by Leonard Collins '15

The Soapbox: Debunking the myth about the rise of China

Re: Polarized Campus


Senior Reflection: Time, Hootie and the Blowfish and The Best Sandwich at Hamilton

I leave you with advice I share every year during Adirondack Adventure, something that I believe exemplifies the application of effort in a “now” moment.  When life gets tough, grab a bagel, put peanut butter on one side, jelly on the other, add some Nutella, cheddar cheese and some meatstick, smash it together and enjoy.  And make sure to lick your fingers after you’re done.

HEOP Goes to Albany



Symphoria orchestrates a comeback
Symphoria’s new and innovative organizational model, in which its musicians cooperatively own and operate the orchestra, has been adopted by only a few symphonies in the United States.

Grammy-winning artist Gregory Porter brings jazz to the Hill

Symphoria plays Wellin Hall


Men’s and women’s hockey prepare for playoffs

This coming weekend, both the men’s and women’s hockey teams are gearing up for playoff hockey. The men and women will be looking for consistency heading into the playoffs in hopes of playing for several more weeks.

Senior Athlete of the Week: Emily Banzer

Curling team sweeps into Nationals

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