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College brings Alex to the Hill for the first time

Alex is coming home: during this weekend’s Fallcoming, Hamilton College will unveil its new official mascot. With events ranging from a “meet and greet” outside of the Sadove Student Center to appearances at various athletics events, Alex will be hard to miss.

Levitt Center lab to inspire social innovation

What does it take to start a business or to grow an innovative strategy to solve a long-standing problem? Instead of looking at the corporate sector, Hamilton alumnus Alon Hillel-Tuch ’07 is a part of the wave of young millennials who have abandoned Wall Street in favor of social-welfare based work–in Alon’s case, social entrepreneurship.

Destruction in Dunham continues to be a problem

Despite changes to first-year housing that College officials hoped would tame alcohol culture, destruction has persisted in Dunham this year. In an email to Dunham residents this week, Area Director Candice Redden announced that the over the past few weeks there have been multiple reports of damage to the first and second floors of Dunham, two floors that are exclusively first-years as of this fall.

Study abroad raises students’ global and personal awareness

Less than two months ago, I was living and studying in Beijing. It was only for less than two months, but now, the distance between Hamilton and Beijing seems like the distance between the moon and Mars, and two months might as well have been two years.

Does Hamilton have economic diversity?

s Hamilton more diverse than the Ivies? The New York Times College Access Index recently ranked Hamilton 27th in economic diversity, above such colleges as Yale, Princeton and Cornell. While this index has its shortcomings, Hamilton’s ranking is certainly a worthy topic of discussion.

Letter to the Editor: Professor Philip Klinkner

In response to various controversies about the campus climate, President Stewart has appointed a working group to address issues of diversity and inclusion.  While it remains to be seen what recommendations this group will produce, the usual pattern for such bodies is to produce some well-intentioned but ultimately ineffective proposals.  This ineffectiveness results from a mistaken belief that the problems we face are largely remedied by education and etiquette.   Education and etiquette both have their place, but they ignore the broader context that drives issues of inequality and privilege.





Over-worked and over-booked: students overwhelmed by fallcoming weekend

In a rare occurrence, this year’s Fallcoming is the same weekend as Family Weekend.  While it is nice that both families and graduates of the College can converge upon the Hill at the same time in order to be present for the dedication of the Kevin and Karen Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts, the merging of the two weekends into one presents several challenges for current students.  The first regards the timing of the weekend.


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From Where I Sit: Hamilton’s International Perspectives

As industrialization has developed in China, environmental problems have emerged. Globally, the environment has become severely polluted because cities are usually busy and crowded, which causes smog, litter and an effluence that contaminates the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Senior Reflection: Choose Your Own Adventure

I toured Hamilton entirely against my will.

Beers with Ben

Ben Fields '15 sits down with Assistant Professor of Physics Kate Jones-Smith for a beer and a chat at the Little Pub.

Visiting artist Holly Hughes provides a voice for historically voiceless

To kick off the Art Department’s 2014-2015 “Visiting Artist Series”  American lesbian performance artist Holly Hughes delivered powerful, hilarious and thought-provoking monologues from her various works.  Hughes, who grew up in Michigan, discussed her beginnings as a low-key feminist painter until 1978, when she volunteered at the Wow Café, a small NYC performance venue.

Coming soon to Hamilton’s F.I.L.M.: Gasland II with director Josh Fox

This Sunday, Oct. 12, F.I.L.M. in partnership with Environmental Studies, will bring director Josh Fox to KJ’s Bradford Auditorium to discuss his documentary Gasland II.  The film is a sequel to the Academy Award-nominated Gasland, which helped promote a national discussion on hydraulic fracking.

Lark String Quartet pairs new and classical elements in a lively way

Last Saturday evening, music by Aaron Copland, Franz Joseph Haydn, Aaron Jay Kernis and Felix Mendelssohn filled Wellin Hall as the internationally acclaimed Lark String Quartet performed for a sizeable audience of Hamilton students, professors and local residents.

Football drops home-opener vs. Trinity

Although the men proved they could compete with one of the best teams in the NESCAC, Hamilton football’s record fell to 0-3 this past weekend against Trinity. It was a defense-dominated game, but still the Bantams took control late as they won 19-7.

W. Golf ascending as fall season ends

Most Hamilton varsity sports teams have experienced significant transitions over the past three years, as moving to the NESCAC has presented a challenging jump in competition.  However, none have faced quite the same circumstances as the women’s golf team, which did not even exist three years ago.

Water Polo seeks nationals bid

Few sports require the endurance or intensity of water polo. Several weekends during the fall, the Hamilton men’s water polo team competes against teams from around the state for four eight-minute quarters. So far, this has taken the Continentals to the United States Military Academy at West Point and Cornell University.