University of Missouri President resigns after campus-wide protests

On Monday, the President of the University of Missouri system resigned amidst protests by students, athletes, faculty and administrators over his mishandling of racial tensions on the system’s flagship campus in Columbia, Missouri.

Hamilton implements new financial literary service, SALT

Student Assembly working to develop Jitney GPS tracking app

Recent reports of burglary and larceny at Hamilton


An intellectual home

“It is not about creating an intellectual space… It is about creating a home here.” In a viral video, a Yale student shouts these words in the face of Nicholas Christakis, a Yale professor at the center of controversy over appropriate Halloween costumes at the University. When did those terms become antithetical? We ask, can there be both?

On Monday, trustee Barrett Seaman ’67 gave the last of our SpecSpeak lectures on journalism. Among other topics, he shared his concern about what he sees as a suppression of voices and productive dialogue. He explained, “if no one challenges assertions, if skeptics are not welcome, dogma sets in stone. Even worse, those whose worldviews go unchallenged lose the ability and the willingness even to hear opposing views and reconcile them.” We noticed a few students looked slightly uncomfortable with some of what Seaman was discussing. ...

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Speak Out makes strides against stigmas

As students who have struggled with mental illness throughout our lives, we have deeply felt the impacts of our struggles on our academic and social life here at Hamilton. Though we are aware that one in four people will struggle with mental illness at some point in their lives, we still feel incredibly isolated in our fights because talking about personal experiences and vulnerabilities is rare, especially in a high pressure, performance-focused collegiate environment. Furthermore, we found ourselves disappointed with the campus Counseling Center for their limited appointment hours and staff availability. Recently, one of these authors suffered through a particularly low point in her depression and sought the help of the Counseling Center, only to be deferred for two weeks.


Adventures with Bernie

My adventures with Bernie began in January 1989, when I received a letter from Bernard Sanders, Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, addressed to the “Chairperson, Sociology Department, Hamilton College.” I must have been acting chair of the department at the time. Mayor Sanders described himself as the only socialist mayor in America, explained that he had decided not to run for a fifth term and expressed interest in teaching at Hamilton in the coming academic year. “I believe,” he wrote, “that I could offer your students an unusual academic perspective.”

Sex and the Campus: Piercing Truths

Senior Reflection: Figuring it out...finally

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Beauty and the Beast mixes Shakespeare with technology
The tale as old as time has been expertly restored by the Theatre Department in their production of “Beauty and the Beast.” By no means a commercial retelling of the French fairy tale, this rendition hinges on an eloquent original script that folds Shakespearean sonnets and original characters into the familiar framework.

Renowned cellist Haimovitz alternates modern and baroque in concert

Preview: Oneohtrix Point Never to headline IMF Fall Concert


Rebuilding squash squads start seasons at Harvard tournament

After beginning practices last week, the Hamilton squash program is ready to kick off the winter sports season. Both the men’s and women’s squads feature a host of experienced players and some talented first-years, a combination of experience and versatility that should help the Continentals make deep runs in the conference championships and in the national tournament.

Basketball teams lean on senior leadership to guide young rosters

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