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Hamilton welcomes new students to the Hill with January Orientation

For most students, orientation is a warm affair, but some Hamiltonians move to the Hill amongst snow and freezing temperatures. This past Friday, Jan. 16, 45 new students, six transfer students and 39 January Admission students, began their time at Hamilton with January Orientation, a similar but shorter version of August Orientation.

DMC hosts town hall alongside Working Group

On Monday, January 19, the Days-Massolo Center hosted a town hall discussion on the state of diversity and inclusion at Hamilton College. The event was meant to give members of the Hamilton community the opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas to the Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion.

Students gather for celebration of MLK Day

The Annex rang with performance poetry by Professor Arthur Flowers during a remembrance celebration in honor of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday night. Beginning at 5 p.m., students and faculty mingled over dinner before enjoying the presentation by Flowers, an associate professor of English at Syracuse University.

The Soapbox: Charlie Hebdo and France’s biased secularism

Many French people have decried the attack on Charlie Hebdo as a blatant danger to the right to free speech, seeing the assault as an attempt to silence dissent towards Islamic extremists. In the context of France’s complicated history with Muslims, however, it is clear that this reactions is at best questionable, and at worst completely hypocritical. I argue that the French reaction can be understood as yet another affront to Muslims, disguised under the vague Western idea of free speech.

Lack of organization confuses protests’ purpose

Last semester, Hamilton students organized a die-in to express their outrage over police conduct towards minority citizens. The pride in demonstrators eyes as they chanted “No justice, o peace” and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was very moving, and even put tears in my eyes. Although their intentions for coordinating the die-in were sound, actual coordination itself was a bit lacking.

Should Hamilton consider winter programming?

After the onslaught of exams and papers during finals, the best remedy is a month filled with relaxation and reunions.  We prepare for this nirvana by packing enormous bags that we can barely lift and hugging our friends goodbye. We are not exactly happy about leaving our newfound friendships behind for an entire month, but our excitement to return home is great.





Protecting Journalistic Integrity

The safety and importance of free expression has a complicated history, and in a media landscape that has intensely evolved in the last decade, its future looks even more confusing. Looking back on other historical events, the attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is not unprecedented. History is littered with endless examples of violence against writers and journalists. And while typically such continued displays of hostility from so many groups would indicate a clear flaw in the system of published word, they all in fact exemplify the continued ubiquity and desperate necessity of writers and publishers. Newspapers, at their heart, are forums for the promulgation of information and the articulation of opinion regardless of political or ideological leaning. They are bastions for the fleeting pursuit of the truth.


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Senior Reflection: Making an impact at Hamilton

Early last semester, I sat idly in my Milbank common room with nothing but a box of chalk and a bare cement wall.  It only seemed natural to connect chalk to wall, and in a reflective mood, I began the sentence “BEFORE I LEAVE HAMILTON, I WANT TO…” in bold block letters. I traced 10 lines underneath for me and my friends to fill in and create a cheesy, sentimental bucket-list.

Men’s soccer helps build school in Guatemala

Some spent their winter break skiing, some spent it on the beach, and others spent their time with Netflix. The Hamilton men’s soccer team, however, did not take much of a break. Several members traveled to Guatemala for a week through the Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation (GHHF). The Hamilton students traveled to Chichoy Alto in the region of Patzun, Chimaltenango to improve education by building the second floor of the local school.

From Where I Sit: Hamilton’s International Perspectives

After hearing many people’s reactions to the fact that I’m from Poland, I can now narrow down what people know about Poland to three things: pierogi, vodka and Warsaw. But there is so much more to Poland.

The Mountaintop movingly pays tribute to MLK’s humanity

It is easy for tributes of Martin Luther King Jr. to get lost in  the legend of the man.  The  globally identified image of King has the minister either at the head of a march or giving a speech for a rapturous crowd.  However, the truth is that Dr. King existed between his great accomplishments.  The Mountaintop, which played this week in  the Barrett Lab Theatre, celebrates the man rather than the icon.  It is elevated by powerhouse performances from Associate Professor of Theatre Mark Cryer and Kiana Sosa ’15.

Duelly Noted tours the northeast

What happens when you pack twelve overzealous a cappella singers into one Hamilton van for four days, complete with Taylor Swift’s 1989 and Beyoncé’s Beyoncé?  Why, Duelly Noted’s annual winter tour, of course!  On Jan. 8th, Hamilton College’s newest, award-winning, a cappella group embarked on its fifth annual tour throughout the Northeast.

Directors’ Showcase exhibits students’ theatrical talents

Last week, I had the opportunity to take part in an enjoyable Hamilton theatre tradition: the Directors’ Showcase.  This event included five one-act plays, each directed by students in Directing.  In many ways, the Directors’ Showcase is a miniature version of a full production process.

Swim team returns from Florida ready to compete

The men’s swim team entered winter break confident in the remainder of their season.  Aided by a strong victory in their annual invitational, the team’s morale sat at a season high.  “It was a great way to go into break having won the invitational… most of the team was back January 1st ready to go,” said captain Ben Fields ’15.

Men’s and women’s squash stays strong

While the majority of Hamilton students were enjoying winter break by relaxing and binge-watching Netflix, the men and women’s squash teams were on the cold Hill squaring off against some of their biggest rivals.

Men’s and women’s basketball look to use pre-season momentum in NESCAC play

While many students took January off, Hamilton basketball remained hard at work. As of now, both the men’s and women’s teams havewinning records. They have both played close to a third of their seasons while the rest of campus was away.