Dancing through life: Reflections by Judith Jamison

This past Friday, April 18, the Chapel was filled with listeners eager to hear Judith Jamison reflect on her extraordinary life.

Mock Trial team enjoys success at invitational

This past Sunday, April 20, the Hamilton College Mock Trial team hosted its first ever on-campus Mock Trial Invitational.

Real Food Challenge calls attention to food waste

“We’re not judging the amount of food an individual wastes,” said Morgan Osborn ’14 of Real Food Challenge’s ‘Weigh the Waste’ campaign in Commons. “We are trying to change behaviors and raise awareness about the issue, but we also want to know why people are wasting their food.”

Bill Lands lectures on nutrition and health

On Wednesday, April 16 Dr. Bill Lands lectured about nutritional imbalances that exist in the typical American diet. Several biology and chemistry professors encouraged their students to attend his lecture, “Put Basic Science into Your Personal Health.”

Grigar’s lecture promotes cyberfeminism

On Thursday, April 17, the College’s Digital Humanities Initiative arranged a talk on women and technology with Director and Associate Professor in the Digital Technology and Culture Program at Washington State University Dr. Dene Grigar.

Students in D.C. lay wreath at Arlington National Cemetery

Three Hamilton students participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. The ceremony, held on April 9, honored all members of the Hamilton community who have served in the Armed Forces.

Community should focus on stopping vandalism

On April 23, students received yet another all campus email reporting incidents of vandalism. In the last semester, Campus Safety reported damage to Sadove, residence halls, the library and academic buildings. This damage has now extended to include Professor “Doc” Woods’ car. While destroying academic buildings is a problem, the fact that this issue has reached faculty property is even more unacceptable. The Student Assembly campaign that will be rolled out soon may be too little, too late.

Administration should address coaching diversity

It has now been half a century since the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Americans should use this important milestone as an opportunity not only to look back on how far we have come, but also to consider how far we still have to go.

Students must learn to listen to each other

Hamilton College bills itself as a place where students learn to “find their voices.” We certainly do our share of talking. Students coming into Hamilton learn to express thoughts from the vantage point of their “perspective,” a loosely-defined term that seems to incorporate the speaker’s race, class, sexuality, religion or anything else that might constitute the speaker’s “intersectional identity.”

SA representative reduction will increase efficiency

In a major development on Monday April 14, Student Assembly voted to reduce the number of student representatives per class from five to four. This new legislation will soon reach the student body for a vote that could affect upcoming elections.

Reflecting on Accepted Students Day

Every April, accepted students, with parents and siblings in tow, descend on the Hill. These students, some heart-set on Hamilton and others unable to make up their minds, tour the campus, indulge in Bon Appétit’s fanciest fare, hear words of encouragement from Joan Hinde Stewart and raid the bookstore for discount souvenirs. While the so-called “prospies” certainly judge most things they come across—from the quality of the facilities to the way students treat them in passing—their overriding attitude tends to be one of excitement. After all, they are preparing to set off on four years of college, arguably the most fun years of a young person’s life.


Sex and the Campus

People joke that Hamilton is a country club with a lot of homework. It does sometimes seem like I live in an oasis of meal plans, reasonably priced concerts, heating and locked doors. When I see the same faces on Martin’s Way every day, our campus starts to feel small and safe.

Where in the world is Asad Javed ’15

There is something to be said about study abroad blogs. From first-hand experience, the stories are just about twenty times more fun than they sound on paper, the pictures NEVER do justice to the feeling of actually being some place new and foreign and the food people talk about so amorously taste and smell a lot more enticingly. But, most of all, God is in the details and the experience of trying to peg down a culture and language that’s not your own is where the real fun is at.

Arts & Entertainment

Cloud Nothings rock the Annex

Cloud Nothings frontman Dylan Baldi sings, “I’m learning how to be here and nowhere else,” on the hit single “I’m Not Part of Me,” a statement that he lived up to in energetic fashion on Friday, April 11.

Downbeat Keys bring show to life in latest performance on the Hill

The Downbeat Keys’ performance in the Sadove Basement on Friday, April 18, was an inspiring one.

Minor Theatre’s final production, Dark Play, is chillingly hilarious

Dark Play or Stories for Boys is the final main stage ever to be performed in Minor Theatre, so it is only fitting that is a product of this generation.


W. Lax takes down No. 16 Ithaca

Although the women’s lacrosse team will not be going to the NESCAC playoffs, the Continentals finished out their season in promising style with a dominating 15-8 victory over 16th-ranked Ithaca College.

M. Frisbee defeats Colgate

This year, Hamilton’s ultimate Frisbee team, the Hot Saucers, has been flying under the radar, given its talent and success. This team has  established itself as a legitimate contender amongst schools in upstate New York, even though it is only at the club level.

Crew claims Newell Cup vs. SLU

Pushed by a strong current and tailwind on the Erie Canal, Hamilton’s crew team claimed three first-place finishes on April 19.