Upcoming summer construction projects include new athletic fields

This summer, Physical Plant and outside contractors will undertake a number of projects on campus. These include a reconfiguration of some athletics fields and repairs and replacements at other existing campus facilities.

Utica School and refugee center volunteering halted

Anderson to be a substance-free dorm for the 2016-17 year

Changes to Counseling Center include hiring of a fifth psychologist

Rainbow Alliance takes over sponsorship of AIDS Hike for Life


On our lead story

As you will notice in this week’s article investigating the stoppage of all Hamilton volunteer opportunities in the Utica City School District and at the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees (MVRCR), “Utica and refugee center volunteering halted,” many sources declined to be interviewed, as did many more not cited in the article. Others did not respond to multiple interview requests including dozens of phone calls and emails. Some of those who did agree to contribute to the investigation only did so on the condition of anonymity. If nothing else, this suggests a culture of evasion. 

It seems apparent that the College’s relationship with the District and the MVRCR is already strained. Perhaps those who did not wish to speak worry that the situation will be made worse if it appears in the press. However, The Spectator believes that reparations cannot come before the situation is better understand in both communities. 

We note that relationships are founded on understanding. We believe that members of both communities aspire to do the most good with the resources they have.

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The gross irony of Harriet Tubman’s place on the twenty dollar bill

On Wed. April 20, Secretary Jacob J. Lew of the United States Treasury announced that Harriet Tubman, an ex-slave who returned to the South and guided over 100 other slaves to freedom, will be joining former president Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.  Many were pleased by the news, seeing Tubman’s inclusion as a welcome step toward fair and equal representation for women and black historical figures. Noble though the motivations behind it may have been, the decision to place Tubman on our currency demonstrates profound ignorance of the racial oppression upon which American prosperity is dependent.

A response to transphobia in the Enquiry

A call to digitize housing lottery

Anxiety on the Hill



Finding love at first print

Most people know The Spectator, the College’s oldest publication, for its news, restaurant reviews, sports rundowns—and now matchmaking. They say that 40 percent of Hamilton College alums meet their future spouses as undergraduates.  In two weeks, two graduates will tie the knot, making their way into that 40 percent.

From Where I Sit: Hamilton’s International Perspectives, Richard Njoroge ’18

Senior Reflection: Campus tour take two


Student-directed Blow delivers powerful message about teenage rape culture

Filled with humor, care and honesty, Raechel Jae Rosen’s Blow moved audiences this past Monday and Tuesday. Based on Rosen’s first blow job experience, the 40 minute production, directed by Rosen’s sister Melodie Rosen ’18, draws attention to the overwhelming prevalence and disturbing lack of attention dedicated towards dealing with rape culture among teenagers in America. 

Porsha O. gives passionate critique of society through poetry

Quality international films to look for on Netflix


W. lacrosse team to face Amherst in opening round of NESCAC playoffs

The Hamilton women’s lacrosse team will head into the NESCAC postseason as the 12th-ranked in Division III. The Continentals finished with a record of 10-5, including a 5-5 record within the conference, which leaves them sixth in the NESCAC heading into the conference playoffs.

W. tennis sweeps three-match homestand ahead of season’s close

Golf squads each finish in fourth at Williams Spring Invitational

Three Stars for Week of 4/4-4/10


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