By Emily Eisler ’17

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Colby begins development project in Waterville

Colby began a major development in downtown Waterville recently, the first one in years. Colby is funding and facilitating the construction of a multipurpose building in the downtown area. Said building will culminate in a 100,000 square foot structure on Main Street. Some of its features include retail space, Colby student housing, and community space. It will be under construction until summer 2018.


Middlebury hands down disciplinary action to students who protested Charlie Murray

30 Middlebury students are being punished by the school for being part of a protest in March of an event featuring Libertarian author Charlie Murray in March. Although around 70 students had been identified as participants, only 30 received disciplinary action. No statement has been made about the nature of the punishments yet.


Amherst Police respond to record number of violations and calls

Amherst Police responded to 300 calls this weekend while the Fire Department responded to 59. The parties on Hobart Lane that caused this commotion were part of the annual spring party students know as the “Hobart Hoedown” which can have thousands of attendants from UMass, Amherst College and Hampshire College. Violations ranged from noise complaints to minors in possession of alcohol, and there were some reported overdoses as well.

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