Internships and grants: oh my!

By Hamilton Students

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Emily Yong '19:

“I will be a college intern for STRIVE-Kenya for six weeks. It mainly involves teaching and organizing activities for Kamirany Primary School and Kiptabus Primary School students as well as preparing KenSAP students in Math and English.  

I will also be mentoring and leading high school students who are in STRIVE’s high school program on runs, nightly activities and discussions.  

Another aspect of my internship involves serving the local community through local projects, depending on the community’s needs (i.e. clearing debris, building a few more classrooms, purchasing more books for the school library or coming up with a whole new project idea from talking with community members).

I am super excited yet nervous because I have not done anything like this before, and I really wanted to do something different this summer that would make an impact on a community.  

I cannot wait to interact with the students and meet the other interns, and also to experience living in a different environment and culture.  I am also a runner and so just going to Kenya to train is like a runner’s dream come true.

I decided to be an intern with STRIVE because of their combination of athleticism and service in their service trips.  I enjoy both of these aspects and found the program to be a perfect fit for what I wanted out of my summer going into junior year.  I wanted to learn yet also help others, and STRIVE will give me the opportunity to do both.  

I also chose the program because I knew that the staff and other interns in STRIVE share the same passion and dedication in serving communities, mentoring students and athletics.”

Paige Pendergrast '19:

“I received an Emerson Grant for this summer and am working with Professor Omori, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures, to research and create a documentary about people who are half-Japanese living in America.

I am interested in both Cinema and Media Studies and Asian Studies, so this seemed like the perfect combination of those two subjects. I was also eager to work with Professor Omori who has a lot of research experience, and I wanted to continue to work on my Japanese over the summer.

I will be here on campus for the first few weeks after finals have ended to commence my research, and then I return in early August to finalize the project. The bulk of the filming will be done over the course of the summer in New York City and New Jersey.

I am looking forward to hearing from people firsthand about what their experiences were like growing up mixed race in America and meeting a lot of new people in the process. I also really enjoy filming and editing, so I think this will be a really fun summer project.”

Giovanna Petta '19:

“I’ll be in NYC from June to August doing an internship at Maria B Campbell Associates, a book scouting agency.

This internship offers the opportunity to connect with a lot of people who work in publishing and to see the market from a global perspective. I also get to help with international book fairs and with getting books published in other countries! It’s really exciting, since I grew up with a very limited selection of books in Brazil.

I chose this internship to get experience in publishing! Because, you know, to get a job in publishing, you need experience first. And deportation looms in the horizon, so I’m already thinking about what I need to do my sophomore year so I can get a work visa after I graduate. Since there’s a chance I might not get a work visa after I graduate after all, working in book scouting will connect me with publishers of different countries, so I might have the possibility of applying for jobs abroad ( ICE will have to drag me by the ankles to take me back to Brazil, but I don’t feel like I necessarily need to live in the U.S.). 

In addition, due to my visa status, I can only do internships that are related to my major (Creative Writing) and approved by my advisor, so publishing fits the stipulations.”

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