Hamilton College Orchestra shone at the annual spring concert

By Edgar Otero ’20

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The Hamilton College Orchestra performed its annual spring concert on Friday, April 28 with a diverse selection of symphonic music at no cost to the Hamilton community. Conducted by Heather Buchman, the orchestra delighted its audience with a series of dynamic songs with a lighthearted, cheerful air to them. This was the perfect way for students, faculty and neighbors in the town of Clinton to welcome the spring, hearing an array of music that complemented the vivacity of the season. 

Each section worked in unison to deliver an unforgettable musical experience that captivated the senses from start to finish. Watching each student play their instrument in perfect timing to the conductor’s highly coordinated and precise instructions was truly a spectacle to see. The masterpiece was the culmination of countless hours dedicated by the students and community members to the collective success of the orchestra’s final show. The sound of a variety of different instruments complementing one another blended to create a unique harmony characterized by group coordination, and it was just as diverse and multifaceted as the selections performed. 

The pieces included “Danse Negre” by prominent African-British composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, “Symphony No. 2” by the original American Maverick composer Charles Ives and “Symphony No. 9,” from the New World by Antonin Dvorák, written during his brief time in the United States. Each piece was beautifully conducted and showcased the full array of musical talent within the orchestra. From the attention-grabbing sound of the trumpet to the harmonious melodies of the violin, each section added a special flavor to the final composition that took the audience’s breath away each time. 

During the final stretch of the semester, the orchestra’s performance wrapped up the year with high-spirited selections that succeeded in lifting the spirits of each and every person in attendance. 

The concert drew the appeal of a variety of people who all shared one thing in common: an appreciation for the artistic talent and ability that Hamilton cultivates within in its students. The support for student musicians at Hamilton is abundant, and it is felt from all ends of the spectrum. A testament to this immense support was a display of pride from a few members in the audience who created an encouraging banner in support of a friend in the horn section of the orchestra and raised it after the intermission of the concert. Regardless of the looming finals season, students found a reason to step back from the stress of papers, projects and exams and enjoy the sound of beautiful music, even if only for a night.

There is no doubt that as this academic year draws to a close, the Hamilton College Orchestra will not cease to deliver timeless music for the Hamilton community to enjoy. With seniors graduating and moving on to the next chapter of their lives, there is plenty of room for underclassmen to shine and take the orchestra to the next level. 

We can expect to be treated in the coming year with the ever-impressive and awe-inspiring music of our very own student body that will only continue to strike a chord in our hearts and souls for seasons to come. 

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