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Snow Crown Cauliflower
Lacianato Kale

Herb Garden Plan

The herb garden is located outside the fence in the 40x40ft plot to the south of the main garden. It has a circular organization, with a center circle divided into four wedges by narrow paths, and three beds in concentric circles around this center. A path runs from the western edge of the garden, into the very center, allowing access to the center circle and to the paths that separate each of the outer beds. The wedges of the center circle are each devoted to herbs for tea, the mint family, culinary herbs, and medicinal herbs.

The smaller two of the outer circles are divided into quarters, and the largest in half. Starting with the smallest of the concentric circles in the northwestern quarter and moving around clockwise, the herbs planted are as follows: Echinacea, Russian tarragon, sweet marjoram, and hyssop. In the next circle, starting in the same quarter there is oregano, thyme, sage, and rosemary.

The northern half of the outermost circle is devoted to lovage, and the southern half to dill. Because the area cleared for the herb garden is a square, but the main portion of the garden is arranged in a circle, the corners of the square were also available for cultivation, and so the two western corners are planted in chives, and the northeastern in comfrey.

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