Hamilton College Community Farm

Pea Plants
Ruby Red Chard
Washing Chard
Winterbor Kale
Red Russian Kale
Snow Crown Cauliflower
Chiogga Beets
Belstar Broccoli
Lacianato Kale
Garlic Scapes
Black Raspberries
Farm Stand
Red Ace Beets
D'Avignon Raddishes
Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce
Earth Oven

Communication with CoOp

It is important to quickly establish and maintain consistent communication channels with the CoOp. This will ensure that the CoOp is able to get as much of their produce as possible from the farm, the farm can distribute produce where it will have the most impact, and food losses will be minimized. Particularly if there is not a farm manager living in the CoOp but even if there is, there should be a training session at the beginning of the semester on harvest and washing procedures for all members of the CoOp. To keep track of CoOp harvests other than those undertaken as part of regular farm harvests, a weekly order form marked clearly with items and quantities used from the farm should be posted in the kitchen. Weekly collection of this order form by a manager will also facilitate regular completion of invoices.

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