Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Who Cares?

By Tara Cicic '18

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Thumbs Up


Red Weather is hosting a queer multimedia poetry performance by Jacob Brooks and Maya Chun. Come through! 

(Even if it’s just because you want to see a school-sponsored event with the word “porn” in it.)


Thumbs Down

Charlie Baker is the commencement speaker. 

Wow, what a lineup. Peter Thiel and then this guy. If I had to describe his vibe, I would call it ‘mostly uninspiring.’

Maybe he’ll tell us all about how much he hated Harvard!


Who Cares?

Lupe Fiasco is the C&C Day performer. 

He once was asked to leave the stage after performing an extremely long antiwar piece once.

I hope that happens again at C&C, but I hope the piece is anti-Charlie Baker. LOL.

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