Foil-packaged Fashion

By Molly Geisinger ’19

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Aspiring designers debuted their latest designs at the Condom Fashion Show Fundraiser last Saturday, April 22. This unique concept allowed students to design and model dresses, skirts and even hair accessories all made out of condoms. 

Planned Parenthood Generation presented the fashion show fundraiser in the Bristol Hub in collaboration with the Womxn’s Center and One Condoms. 

Elie Doubleday ’20, one of the models, hopes to dispel the “de-stigmatization of condoms” by using them as the main medium in a student-run fashion show.

“I think condoms tend to be taboo to talk about, just as our sex lives frequently are, but I hope that the fact that a bunch of people got up and modeled outfits made from condoms makes it easier for people to discuss (then use) them,” she said.

Fourth prize went to Victoria Negron ’17 for her colorful top. Third prize went to Gwyn Sise ’19, Anika Huq ’19 and Melissa Woodward ’19 for their flowing dress. Matthew Tom ’20 and Julia Opatrny ’20 received second prize for their dress and sweater ensemble. Meanwhile, Mirsadies Raber-Dunning ’18 won the first prize for her versatile skirt and top.

Other than serving to entertain, the fashion show also highlighted its support of Planned Parenthood. Beth LeGere, Director of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, Inc., visited the college to serve as a keynote speaker. Even though admission was free, all donations went to Planned Parenthood and similar organizations that provide health services. 

Victoria Negron ’17, one of the designers of the show, is an advocate for Planned Parenthood.  “Now more than ever it’s imperative to fight to keep Planned Parenthood’s invaluable resources available to all,” she said. “I wanted to make a garment for the show because every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference.”

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