Goodbye, Haley

By Editorial Staff

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The Spectator would like to take this opportunity to recognize Haley Lynch ’17, Editor Emerita, for her leadership and unwavering dedication to our publication over the past year. During her tenure as Editor-in-Chief, Lynch masterfully upheld The Spectator’s commitment to excellence and met all of the challenges laid out for her with poise and dexterity.

In the fall semester, the paper covered a wide array of subjects in depth, from sexual assault issues on campus to topics surrounding Hamilton’s political atmosphere. Lynch introduced President Wippman to the Hamilton community, honored the life of Natalie Babbitt, reported on Title IX policies and maintained and updated the newspaper’s investigation into the Hamilton community’s relationship with nearby Utica public school and refugee centers. Thus far this semester, The Spectator has closely covered, and continues to explore, the College’s response to President Trump’s immigration policies. In the midst of our nation’s many conversations surrounding “fake news,” Lynch has also encouraged discussion about the merits of college journalism and free speech. 

During her time as Editor-in-Chief, Lynch ensured that all reporting by The Spectator was done with integrity and honor. Lynch encouraged the entire Spec staff to do their best work and to dig deep into the stories. We hope to continue upholding her high standards of journalistic excellence, and we look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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