Hamilton College Community Farm

Plant: Parsley

Family: Umbelliferae

Seed Varieties Dates to Maturity:
  • Italian Flat Leaf- This is the classic Italian parsley variety used for sauces and other flavoring. It is very fragrant and has a good flavor.
  • Triple Curled- This variety has leaves that curl in tightly, giving it a frilly look. Fragrance and flavor not as strong as flat leaf variety.
Indoor Start Date and Cell size:

3/28 in 50s

Greenhouse Transplant Date and Cell size:

Parsley does not need to be transplanted in the greenhouse.

Outdoor Transplant Date and Bed Specifications:

Transplant outdoors 5-6 weeks after planting. Space the seedlings 1 foot apart with three rows per bed.

Plant Needs:

Parsley is generally maintenance free. As always, be sure to cultivate and water sufficiently.

Cultivation Techniques:

Use large cultivators to care for the parsley beds. Stirrup and collinear hoes work well early on, as plants grow they will shade out weeds. However, parsley grows slowly, so cultivation will need to continue all summer.

Pests and Pest Control:

At the end of the 2010 season, beginning in late summer, something was eating around the stalk of the parsley plants at ground level, causing the entire plant to wilt and die. If wilting is noticed immediately, the parsley can be salvaged for personal use, but probably not sold. This did not affect every plant and happened infrequently and sporadically. There were enough unaffected plants that an ample harvest was maintained.

Harvest Techniques:

Parsley is ready to eat from the first shoots onward, but it is prudent to wait until less than 10% of each plant needs to be harvested each time to get a satisfactory quantity. To harvest, use scissors to carefully cut or break off outermost stems at the base. Discard yellow or brown leaves and form into bunches then rinse off dirt and grit in cool water.


Can be dried, but does not retain as much flavor. It is best used fresh, and only kept refrigerated for a day or two.


For retail, sell at $2.00 per bunch. For wholesale, sell at $1.00 per bunch.