Hamilton College Community Farm

Plant: Celeriac

Family: Umbelliferae

Seed Varieties Dates to Maturity:

Diamant - standard celeriac variety.

Indoor Start Date and Cell Size:

Plant on 3/28 in open 200s

Planting Tips:

It is critical to keep on top of watering in the greenhouse. If they dry out for even a few hours, the older leaves will die and growth will be tremendously set back.

Greenhouse Transplant Date and Cell Size:

Transplant into 38s when plants have first true leaves, after about three of four weeks, around 4/23.

Outdoor Transplant Date and Bed Specifications:

Transplant outdoors 6/13, with three rows per bed, 1 plant per foot.

Plant Needs:

Generally maintenance free beyond standard cultivation and watering.

Cultivation Techniques:

Use large cultivators; stirrup and collinear hoes work well early on, as plants grow (slowly) they will shade out weeds. Cultivation will need to continue all summer.

Pests and Pest Control:

Problems with pests have been minimal.

Harvest Techniques:

Celeriac can be harvested as soon as the root reaches the size of a baseball, and should conclude before the first hard frost. Pull up the entire plant and with a harvest knife, remove the stray roots around the knotted root-ball. For market sale, leave the stalks intact, but for bulk sale remove those as well.


For brief storage, wash all the dirt off and keep in a cool place. For longer storage do not wash celeriac; simply brush the dirt off, thoroughly dry it and store in a cool dry place.


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