Arriving at Meadowood Farm
Many, many sheep
One of the many sheep peeking through the fence
Mother sheep with their lambs
One of the many new lambs
Cows bred on the farm
Food stand
Crackers sold at the food stand
Bleu cheese and goat cheese made on-site at the farm sold at the food stand
Burger with bleu cheese -- both meat and cheese were made on the farm
Slow Fooders (left to right): Jason Gardepe, Eunice Lee, and Lauren Howe
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Lambing Day at Meadowood Farms



Potluck Fall 2013

Slicing sweet potatoes for the gratin
Sliced sweet potatoes
Sweet potato gratin
Chopped kale
Chopping scallions for the salad
Chopped scallions
Slicing local apples from North Star Orchards for the pie
Sliced apples from North Star Orchards
Apple pie
Batter for the pumpkin cookies
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