Spring '14

Cheese Tasting Event (Part of FebFest 2014) -- Monday, February 10th | 4 PM | Sadove Student Center

Much more to come in Spring '14 ...

Do you like food? Of course, why even ask.  Then come join us this spring as we enjoy a number of events celebrating food that is healthy, good for the environment, and fair to workers.  We will be organizing more events and teaming up with the Community Farm when the weather gets warmer.  See you in the spring!

Past Events

Fall '13

In September, we joined the Real Food Challenge, Hamilton College Community Farm and Bon Appétit to host events during Real Food Week to show students and faculty the importance of not only knowing where our food comes from, but also of eating culurally appropriate food.  At the end of the week, we invited Mohawk Valley's Slow Food chapter to a potluck dinner for a local, organic meal.  Later in November, we hosted another all-campus potluck, just in time for Thanksgiving.  Bon Appétit graciously opened up the McEwen kitchen and supplied us with most of the ingredients.  Check out the photos of us cooking.  We enjoyed a number of meals full of fresh, local produce this Fall and plan on hosting even more events next semester.

Spring '13

We enjoyed potlucks, dinner parties, fair trade chocolate and banana tastings, trips to local farms, and even spent some time out in the Hamilton College Community Farm getting our hands dirty and singing work songs. It was a wonderful semester full of fun events and we hope to do even more in the Fall. 


Be sure to check the photos from our past events!