PRESIDENT: Quentin Messer ’26, VP: Anna Gnapp ’26

Structure of the Student Government Alliance

  • Student Government Alliance (SGA) oversees the funding of student organizations and events. A portion of each student's Student Activity fee forms the Student Government Alliance’s yearly budget. Student groups submit budget proposals to the SGA Treasurer, who reviews each proposal with the professionals in the Student Activities Office. An agreement is reached for each proposal and then submitted to the entire Alliance for discussion and voting.
  • The Student Government Alliance also acts as the main liaison between students, faculty, and the administration. We always seek to address student concerns at our weekly meetings and often host students and administrators as guest speakers in order to best address these concerns.

PRESIDENT: Quentin Messer ’26, VP: Anna Gnapp ’26

Function of the Student Government Alliance

The purpose of the Student Government Alliance shall be to ensure the active and deliberate stewardship of the student experience at Hamilton College. This work requires dedicated, proactive, and driven student leaders who engage with various campus stakeholders to advocate on behalf of the student body. These leaders, regardless of branch, must be accessible to the community and connect with students, faculty, and staff to bridge and close gaps within the campus community whenever they appear evident. The Student Government Alliance must also be nimble and have great foresight to address the pressing issues on campus without establishing hurdles and roadblocks for the next generation of Hamilton’s student leaders. Above all, this body must serve and represent all students regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status and ensure there is an equity of experience for all enrolled at Hamilton.   

PRESIDENT: Quentin Messer ’26, VP: Anna Gnapp ’26


“We have eight semesters to be a part of a vibrant and close-knit community. As elected student leaders, we will place the utmost importance on building and maintaining the connected community we all love. By increasing collaboration between various student organizations, having frequent discussions with the administration and staff, and strengthening relationships outside of the classroom with faculty, we plan to continue to steward a positive student experience. To work towards improving the student experience, the President and Vice President have to be agile and responsive enough to the needs and demands of our peers. We will lean heavily on the rest of SGA to help support us in this mission. By making SGA communications more concise and transparent and working even closer with the paid experts in the Student Activities Office, we hope to foster greater SGA-student body relationships. Working efficiently together, these groups will help us implement needed student wellness campaigns, community engagement events, and digital and physical infrastructure improvements. We know we have an ambitious agenda, but Hamilton deserves nothing less, so please reach out to talk further!”

Previous Administration

Fall 2019 (Amanda Kim, Jiin Jeong)

Communication & Transparency

  • Board of Trustees Presentation
  • SA Website Update
  • E-Vote (Electronic Vote) Transparency By-law Amendment


  • Climate Strike Speech
  • Climate Change Solidarity Statement 

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Indigenous People's Day Solidarity Statement 

Spring 2019 (Amanda Kim, Gianni Hill)

  • Internal Improvements
  • Restructured Town Hall

Fall 2018 (Nadav Konforty, Julian Perricone)

Contact Information

Quentin Messer ’26

Spring 2024-Fall 2024

Contact Information

Anna Gnapp ’26

Spring 2024-Fall 2024

Contact Information

Jazmine Florencio ’26

Director of Publicity
Spring 2024-Fall 2024
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