Functions of Student Assembly

The Student Assembly of Hamilton College is split into two branches: the Judicial Branch and the Executive Branch. The Judicial Branch includes the Judicial Board, Honor Court, and Appeals Board. The Executive Branch consists of the members of the Central Council. The Central Council is commonly referred to as Student Assembly, as it directly represents the student body.

Students elect six officers to represent each class year (one president, one treasurer, and four representatives). Many representatives also chair committees. Committees address specific areas of interest. Some seek to improve aspects of campus such as our facilities and technology, some initiate creative projects and others host a variety of events year-round. Committees meet weekly outside of full assembly meetings, and much of what goes on in Student Assembly happens in committees. Please refer to the committees page to learn more about their important function.

Structure of the Student Assembly

Student Assembly oversees the funding of student organizations and events. A portion of each student's Student Activity fee forms Student Assembly's yearly budget. Student groups submit budget proposals to the Student Assembly Treasurer, who reviews each proposal with the funding committee (composed of the secretary-treasurers from each class year). The funding committee comes to an agreement over each proposal and then submits its recommendation to the entire assembly for discussion and voting.

Student Assembly also acts as a liaison between students, faculty, and the administration. We always seek to address student concerns at our weekly meetings and often host students and administrators as guest speakers in order to best address these concerns. Student Assembly's singular role as a voice for all students means that we consistently catch the ear of Hamilton's administration. We are proud of the results of our cooperation, which include improvements to the Hill Card system and extended hours for campus services.


Student Assembly elections are held every year in the spring (with the exception of freshman elections, which happen early in fall and the Assembly President/Vice-President elections which happen at the end of the fall semester). Emails will be sent out to the entire campus body in advance of the elections. We encourage all interested students to run.

If you have any questions regarding the workings of Student Assembly, please email sa@hamilton.edu or come to one of our weekly meetings at 8:30 p.m. in Sadove Conference Room. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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Quentin Messer ’26

Spring 2024-Fall 2024

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Anna Gnapp ’26

Spring 2024-Fall 2024

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Jazmine Florencio ’26

Director of Publicity
Spring 2024-Fall 2024
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