Kabobviously: New Middle Eastern Cuisine in Downtown Clinton

By Hannah Kloeckner


The Hamilton community initially waved goodbye to Lil’ Tex Mex with frustration. No more late night cravings would be satisfied with burritos and nachos. Let’s admit it, there is nothing better than ending (or in some cases, starting) your night digging into a steaming plate of cheese fries. However, Tex Mex moving its finger-licking fast food elsewhere has opened the back of the Village Tavern to a new kind of restaurant: Kabobviously!

Located in arguably the classiest and most sought after locale in downtown Clinton, Kabobviously has become the new gut-buster inside the VT. Founder, Kurt Krumme, started Kabobviously in 2008, originally selling his namesake kabobs at the Clinton Farmers’ Market. A traditionally Middle Eastern food, the word kabob generally refers to freshly grilled meat on a skewer. As the business grew it became clear that a permanent establishment was necessary, so when Lil’ Tex Mex moved out, Krumme seized the opportunity and moved in.

Kabobviously offers a wide variety of food such as kabobs with a side of pita pieces, pizza, burgers, and sandwiches. Though the name suggests that the kabob is the specialty, Hamilton students mostly rave about the sweet potato fries and cheeseburgers. While the burger is not cooked-to-order, it arrives sandwiched between a soft ciabatta roll and accompanied with a steaming plate of thickly cut fries. The traditional kabob is equally hearty and delicious. It is freshly grilled and marinated in house-made rosemary and garlic marinade.

Complementary pita and homemade hummus replace the standard breadbasket, and authentic tzatziki sauce adds a welcome freshness to the otherwise savory meal. Commons’ new hummus bar has some clear competition.

According to the staff, one of the best sellers is the Kabob Quesadilla, which has been described as “out of this world.” For drinks, the old-fashioned Boylan Sodas add an old-school twist and the Sweet Leaf Organic Iced Tea offers an alternative to the generic Pepsi or pitcher of beer.

The food is made fresh daily and all the ingredients are local. Kabobviously is both environmentally and vegetarian friendly. Kabobs are made-to-order with your choice of veggies and tofu, and customers are encouraged to recycle their cans, bottles, and plastic trays.

While the setting is not necessarily one to take the parents to, with rickety plastic tables and a lack of napkins or silverware, the laid back, informal atmosphere attracts locals and Hamiltonians alike. The restaurant offers high school lunch and flexible hours. In terms of price, there is also not much to complain about it. Meals average $7, which is bearable coming from a student’s near-empty wallet.

While some students have expressed anger and disappoint at the replacement of Tex Mex, the truth is that Kabobviously offers many of the same delicious foods comfortably shared in the back of a bar. From fries and mozzarella sticks to chicken wings, Kabobviously will be sure to satisfy your late night cravings as well as offer a diverse, new eat in, take out, or delivery option for Hamilton students.