Taking It All In: An Eye on Hamilton Fashion

By Julia Jarrold’13

Just as we’re beginning to wrap our heads around the spring and summer 2011 designs and trends, here comes Fashion Week with the 2012 collections. We’ve finally found ways to embrace pleats, bell-bottoms, tapered hems, crochet, tassels and so much more, but now we’re expected to continue reshaping, refitting, and coloring over the shades in which we’ve finally become accustomed? No, thank you! Fashion just expects so much from us; but we are curious….so, what’s to come for the next course of fashion?

The new fall lines, of course! Rest easy folks and don’t toss you’re maxis! (They’re still good here, as far as I’m concerned.) These fall, designers have finally decided to make runway looks that can be more easily comprehended and adapted by your average Joe and Joanne; and, frankly Joe and Joanne are looking pretty darn good. So far, this entrée of spring and summer 2012 is settling with me. Fashion is beginning to seem much more accessible. My proof? Hamilton’s student body.

Hamilton’s campus has never been known as the fashion hub of the universe; however, since the beginning of the semester our fellow peers have been knocking the fashion-ball out of the park. Both the men and women on the Hill are embracing the colors, silhouettes, patterns, and textures of the trends that are at the core of this Fashion week’s runway collections.


Boys, gentlemen, men, chaps, and hombres. Hooray! You’ve got it! Your tapered and tailored jeans, your use of plaid, your choice to insert bright colored pieces into your wardrobe, and how you’ve got the look of the horizontal stripe down—Bellissimo! Yes, Patagonia fleeces, pinnies, baseball caps, and athletic shorts will forever be a part of this campus’ fashion, but after all we’re still just students. I mean, what can you expect? A guy needs to wear those white tube socks to work out, right? Nevertheless, you guys have got it. Americana trends are swarming the runways, and at the root of this look are people like you.

Tops: The men of Hamilton’s campus are embracing all different styles and fits of shirt. From the tank top, worn in t-shirt, casual v-neck, and button-up, the male students are rocking it. They’re embracing plaid, horizontal stripes, and a mix of all different sorts of color.

Pants: You boys are starting to move beyond the classic looking khaki, and I like it. Not only have you branched out and started to wear corduroys, twill pants, and even jeans, you’ve also started to embrace different cuts. I can guarantee that every female on this campus is enjoying those tighter and more fit bottoms. The cuffs at the bottom of your pants are, honestly, the cherry on the sundae.

Shoes: Who knew male shoes could be so darn exciting. Between the Jordans and those Vans Classics, I cannot take my eyes off of your feet. Seriously, as weird as that sounds. So, thank you and don’t be modest. I know you know you look good.

To capture these looks in your everyday apparel—start slow. There’s no need to jump into the deep end of fashion, just start out with a few upgraded pieces and work them into your wardrobe. Try mixing in slimmer pants or splurge on a new pair of Vans. I promise, in no time you’ll be fly.


Oh, ladies! You girls have really got it going on. I know the maxis, pleats, high-waisted pants, harem pants, and crochet pieces have all apparently “gone out,” but props to you for keeping them “in” and wearing them well. However, just because you all seem to be fond of last season’s trends by no means translates to you being stuck in the past. There are some pretty current pieces and ideas among us. So ladies, if you’re doing it right you can now feel free to pat yourself on the back, but if you need a little guidance—perk up and listen close!

Hair: Braids. Boy, are these puppies “in.” Both Mara Hoffman’s show and United Bamboo took the idea of plaits to an entirely different level. From french braids to fishtails—they’re not hard to learn and can take your look from an eight to a ten. However, please don’t forget about my beloved topknot. They’re easy and adorable, and I mean real easy. I think every girl on this campus has rocked at least one, and if you haven’t, come join the club. 

For yo’ face—brightly colored lips are definitely still a favorite, as are a colored smoky eye with a neutral lip. However, be careful because when either of these looks goes wrong, it can go very wrong. Taking risks at school with makeup is tricky, but I say the riskier the better.

Are you getting your nails did? I know you are, I mean I certainly am. I think it’s also important to note how the women of Hamilton are no longer just styling their hair, makeup, and outfits. We’ve boldly moved onto nails. Nail color this season is huge—the main word being COLOR. The runways are showing models with designs on their nails and all sorts of colors including plum, forest green, and a soft pearl. You’ll see ladies on this campus wearing soft purples, bright blues, tomato reds, and anything else they can get their hands on because it’s just so easy to do and can add so much to any outfit.

The neck, Dracula’s favorite part of the body. Peter pan collars are very popular, but what’s cooler than a top with a peter pan collar? A free-standing necklace bib. I have yet to see a Hamilton student rock this, but when it happens (and it will) it’s going to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

The body. It’s true, us girls sort of know what we’re doing. The chicas at Hamilton have always loved a great nautical striped shirt, chambray button down, utility jacket, and menswear inspired blazer; however, new trends are starting to become infectious. We’ve seen everything from colored jeans to silky sheer blouses to mixing of patterns—and I love them all. Bravo ladies, these items are all pretty brave. You want to jazz up your digs? Try embracing different cuts of pants and shirts—they’re not as hard to pull off as you think, and you’ll never know until you try. In addition, fun colored jeans can be found for super cheap at places like H&M and Zara’s. So why not invest in a pair to spice things up?

Finally, shoes! There are so many to choose from, I mean really. Aside from Miu Miu’s new pump being featured in um, about every magazine you could ever think of, I think trends for us gals at Hamilton are pretty reasonable.1 Desert boots and all other forms of ankle boots are popular in addition to solid platforms, funky patterned flats, and flat-like-loafers. All in all, Hamilton girls are making the fashion world go ‘round. Not to toot my own horn or anything (toot, toot).

In conclusion, either fashion is coming back down to earth or Hamilton students are rising to the occasion—because no matter how you look at it the two are definitely meeting somewhere in the middle, and it is glorious.