By Sara Shaughnessy

Kate Harloe ’12 / Canton, NY

How would you define your sense of style?
Probably oblivious. I appreciate fashion as art, but I think the amount of time and money we spend on the pieces of cloth we throw over ourselves from day to day is pretty hilarious. I don’t take myself or my wardrobe very seriously...which I recommend because you’ll end up feelin’ good in whatever you wear, you’ll have the money to buy a concert ticket instead of a bikini top, and you’ll continually have the pleasure of confusing the typical Martin’s Way passersby.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
Friends and travels. I’m not much into television or entertainment media, so I’m usually
behind when it comes to trendiness. But my travels last year brought me from India to Paris to San Francisco and I picked up a lot of different clothing items/approaches to style along the way. My collection of friends is about as eclectic as my wardrobe, too, so I constantly get fun or interesting or weird ideas from them. Oh, and my grandma was pretty fly, I always like to sport her rings, bracelets, and scarves.

Favorite piece from your wardrobe?
Cowboy boots. I bought them in Ottawa, naturally, the epicenter of all things
Southwestern. They have seen me through nearly every element and all kinds of ridiculous situations.

Where do the majority of your clothes come from?
Thrift stores, which I seek out wherever I am. I try not to give
too much of my small budget to sweat shops and the like. Plus I hate malls. But in the same way that Hamilton students (myself included) “hate texting,” yet spend a sad amount of hours staring at that tiny portable screen, Urban Outfitters and Cotton On are always a challenge to resist.

Sean Smith ’15

How would you define your sense of style?

To define my sense of style is to limit my sense of style. It’s a chilly fall morning, and a humid July night in Miami. It’s Mr. Rogers in SoHo. An American in Paris. Your favorite English professor. Its rustic, its sophisticated, its fun. Its every rule of male fashion properly executed, and then completely ignored. I live by the motto “To each his own.”

Where do you draw your inspiration?Paint swatches, TV shows, movies, and Ivy League fashion have definitely impacted me an awful lot. You’d never think Home Depot would be such a fashionable place, huh? Those paint swatches have helped me to blend and accent colors, mixing neutrals and colors that pop, while maintaining a theme. Take Ivy has become my second Bible, and I often watch and rewatch The Darjeeling Limited, Bored to Death, Purple Noon, Mad Men, The Graduate, and Alfie for ideas. And I can’t forget, home of the menswear community.

Favorite piece from your wardrobe?
Only one? This is tough because it’s a tie. One is an accessory rather than an article of clothing, but it’s a wooden bead bracelet that my mom and I both have. I feel bare without it. The second is my navy Ludlow J. Crew blazer, due to its timelessness and versatility. You can wear it a million and one ways right through the year, dressed up or dressed down.

Where do the majority of your clothes come from?Well, I worked at J. Crew for nearly a year, so I do have quite a bit from there, but I pride myself in owning things from all over. Instead of replicating what one brand portrays, I mix ideas from several brands, and add influences of my own. I’ve thrifted a lot of my collection as well; some are even hand-me-downs that I’ve had tailored.