Team photo at Yellowjacket 2022 Invitational
Our team at the Yellowjacket 2022 Invitational at the University of Rochester

Tryouts will be held on Sunday, September 3. 

While joining Mock Trial is especially appealing for those interested in pursuing law-related careers, the activity also offers comprehensive public speaking, acting, writing, and critical thinking training. This unique skill set that only Mock Trial can offer will easily be applied to any desired discipline. 

Most importantly, do not let a lack of prior experience deter you from trying out! Our team is welcome to any Hamilton College student interested and eager to learn. We will happily guide you through the ins and outs of Mock Trial. As a matter of fact, plenty of our current members had never tried Mock Trial before joining the team. Everyone, especially people without prior experience, should review the tryout packet linked above. 

Please fill out the interest form and attend our upcoming events to show your interest!
Feel free to email us with any more questions at

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