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How do I join Hamilton's Mock Trial Team?

All students must tryout in order to join Hamilton's Mock Trial Team. Tryouts are competitive, but do not let that dissuade you! 

Do I have to be interested in law to join Hamilton Mock Trial?

No! Mock Trial teaches everything from public speaking to critical thinking. These skills are valuable no matter your interests or career aspirations. 

Do I need Mock Trial, Debate, or Speech experience?

No. We'll teach you! We are confident in our team’s ability to craft new talent. Given the substantial difference between high school and college-level Mock Trial, you’ll find yourself in almost the same position as other new members.

Does Hamilton Mock Trial accept new members from all class years?

Given the learning curve, we only accept freshmen and sophomores.

I’m a January admit. Can I join spring semester?

Our competitive season begins in the spring and builds off of what we learn during our fall tournaments. For this reason, we cannot accept new Mockers mid-year.

How much of a time commitment is Hamilton Mock Trial?

Mock Trial represents a substantial time commitment, typically less than a varsity sport but much more than other student organizations. We practice twice a week, two hours a day. At the beginning of the academic year (and as tournaments approach) we add weekday and weekend practices. Mock Trial returns from Winter Break one week early to prepare materials for the Spring Semester. 

Does Hamilton Mock Trial cost money?

No. The Oral Communications Center and Student Assembly generously fund Hamilton Mock Trial’s budget, covering all tournament and travel expenses: registration fees, transportation, hotels, food, etc. The school also maintains a small, Mock Trial-specific endowment for incidentals. However, members do contribute a nominal amount to the team's social activities.

Does Hamilton Mock Trial have a coach or faculty advisor?

No! An anomaly among college-level programs, we’re proud to compete as an entirely student-run team.

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