We are the Hot Saucers, Hamilton College’s club ultimate team, and a growing group of people who are passionate about playing competitive ultimate while having a ton of fun and building a super tight-knit community.

We are made up of two different teams, nicknamed “Tabasco” and “Sriracha”. Tabasco competes in the open division and Sriracha competes in the womxn’s division. In the spring, both teams compete in the USAU D3 series, attending Western New York Sectionals, Metro East Regionals, and hopefully Nationals!

We pride ourselves on our culture and spirit, and have created a team that is closer than family. Off the field, we share meals, host a variety of fun and creative social events, and generally seek out all sorts of shenanigans. We would love for you to join, and welcome anyone who wants to play. Check out the rest of our website, find us on social media, and never hesitate to send us an email!


Ultimate has been played at Hamilton since 1976 (four years after the first intercollegiate game of ultimate between Princeton and Rutgers), when a senior rounded up six first-year students all living in Root and introduced them to the beautiful game. They were the start of what would eventually become the Tasmanian Devils or Taz, Hamilton College’s first ultimate team.

Taz played and practiced on Hamilton’s golf course while coaches would drive balls at them, and eventually played their first ever intercollegiate game against Mohawk Valley Community College in 1979. The team was made up of men and a few women all playing mixed, until they eventually formed a women’s team called Jane His Wife in 1982. Both teams were close to Cornell’s Buds and Roses as well as Union College’s team, and even back then, competition with Colgate’s Jabberwock was fierce.

Over time, the team experienced a variety of different highs and lows, and we are still trying to fill in a lot of lost history. Eventually, the team changed their name to the Hot Saucers (supposedly in the early 2000s), and once again played mixed without a distinct women’s team until the Hot Saucehers formed in 2010. The women’s team qualified for Nationals for the first time in Hamilton ultimate history in 2014, and then again in 2015 and 2018. The men’s team qualified for Nationals for their first time in 2019.

Now here we are today, standing on the shoulders of all of the alumni who played before us, continuing the legacy of ultimate, fun, and family at Hamilton!

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