Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Who Cares?

By Tara Cicic ’18

Tags opinion

Thumbs Up:

Jessye McGarry gets a job at Clickhole. 

Former TUTD writer Jessye is moving on to big and glamorous things in the windy city!

Mary Langworthy accepts a wonderful job offer. 

A big congratulations to Mary!

Thumbs Down:

Hamilton summer is approaching and I’ve been having nightmares.

I’ve recently been plagued by the memory of a girl who threw a watermelon from Babbitt and then proceeded to eat it off the ground. 

Babbit in general is rather unfortunate.

Who Cares?:

There will be no Sacerdote Great Names Speaker. 

For some “it was the saddest e-mail I’ve ever seen. Previous failure justified more failure.” 

Others say “if they had just not mentioned it at all no one would have even remembered that event.”

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