Beyond Sage Rink: uniting the Hamilton community

By Editorial Staff

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On our campus, school spirit has surged with the successes of both the men’s and women’s hockey teams. As students prepare their cheering voices and break out their “Back Our Blue” t-shirts for this weekend’s NESCAC playoff game, the Hill continues to buzz with an extraordinary sense of pride and support. Hosting such major athletic events has sparked a surge of school pride that rarely graces our campus. Especially in the midst of stressful midterms, it is easy to lose sight of how much we genuinely care for our school and our peers. 

Hamiltonians pride ourselves on our strong sense of community. Lately, the hockey teams have brought us the chance to celebrate a level of athletic achievement that is the product of dedicated practice and passion for excellence. Scores of Hamilton students, regardless of their knowledge of or interest in hockey, have been packing into Sage Rink to support their peers. When this enthusiasm extends beyond places like the rink, we can confront challenges confident in the knowledge that we do not face them alone.

When united, the Hamilton community has a powerful voice and can accomplish great things. The success of our hockey teams is one of many examples of the preponderance of student talent at Hamilton. Sports transcend boundaries of class, race, political ideology and nationality, giving us an opportunity to come together in spite of our differences. As we have seen these past few weeks, when our community has unified resolve, we can cultivate an atmosphere of positivity, hope and progress.

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