The Overcoats enchant audience

By Liz Lvov ’17

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The Overcoats, a musical duo, appeared at last Thursday’s acoustic coffeehouse. The femme group performed equipped with voluminous hair and coordinated outfits; sparkly, sheer, black long-sleeve shirts, black pants, and white sneakers.
From the moment they took stage, the audience was immediately enchanted as the duo’s music kicked in.
The music they make with a simple mixer and their two voices is amazingly complex and lovely. Electronic beats mix with hauntingly layered vocals, and the songs are simultaneously catchy as well as heartfelt. The lyrics are intimate and confessional, and the audience swayed and bopped to the hypnotic beat.
At certain points, the two of them preformed tiny choreographed routines, smoothly walking around each other or gently bouncing with hips cocked at the same angle. They looked at the audience with warmth, and at each other with adoration. They alternated between witchy music and lighthearted banter with the crowd. Their voices were angelic.  
Here’s what I learned chatting with the members of The Overcoats, JJ and Hana, after the show. They are recent graduates from Wesleyan University, and have been friends since frehsmen year.
During their senior year, JJ and Hana decided to compete in their school’s  popular battle of the bands competiton after realizing the only people signed up for the competition were men. Even though they hadn’t made music or performed together at that point, the two students decided to throw together three songs and enter the competition. They won. Now, they’ll be going on tour with Tennis, an American indie pop band from Colorado. Additionally, they have a record deal, and are making their living as an artistic duo.
The moral of the story here, seniors; it’s not too late for us to find ourselves.
JJ and Hana enjoyed a lovely steak dinner courtesy of Bon Apetit. Their matching outfits were purchased almost in their entirety from Zara.
KT Glusac ’17, who booked the Overcoats, let me come along for the ride back to the hotel with them, and we drove to the New Hartford Ramada. According to JJ and Hana, the band name, “The Overcoats,” is derived from their desire to name the band some kind of thick protective fabric––a name to shield them and their listeners––a name to warm them.
The show was a great time enjoyed by everyone: The Terrapin Trio had the crowd hyped and energetic as the opener, and The Overcoats were totally enchanting. Everyone is looking forward to who the acoustic coffeehouse will book next!

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