Syracuse musician Joe Driscoll to perform at CAB’s last acoustic coffeehouse of the semester

By Melanie Snyder ’19

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This Thursday April 20 will be the final Acoustic Coffeehouse of the semester, presented by CAB. Doors open at 7:30pm in the in the Fillius Events Barn. Hamilton Student Collin Purcell  ’17, will be performing original acoustic pieces and opening for Joe Driscoll. 

Driscoll is a musician based out of Syracuse as well as an activist and politician. He is best known as the musician partner of Sekou Kouyate. Driscoll’s music style can be described as a mixture of acoustic, rap, beatbox, and live looping that fuses hip-hop, reggae, soul, folk, and rock. 

Last Spring, Driscoll worked for Senator Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign out of Syracuse, and even performed for the Senator’s local rally at the Oncenter. This fall, he will seek the Democratic nomination to represent the city's fifth district on the Syracuse Common Council. He will provide an exciting finale to for the final CAB performance of the semester.

As for the future of Acoustic Coffee Houses, Jess Halladay ’18, currently a co-coordinator, will be organizing performances next semester.

Said other current co-coordinator KT Glusac ’17, “Hopefully we'll keep branching out and getting a variety of sound like we've tried to do this semester”

Throughout the semester, the Acoustic Coffee House has also featured the Terrapin Trio (a student Grateful Dead cover band), Lady Lamb, Oh Land, and Jess Best.

Said Glusac “The process of reaching out to so many agents of bands to find bands within price range who were available on the dates we scheduled was incredibly time-consuming.... This is my favorite position I’ve ever held on campus. It’s so rewarding. I love how it all comes together on the evening of the show and getting to know the bands, who are always really cool.”

“I never know what to expect because often their recorded sound doesn't translate to how they will be live. It's always a surprise and out of those, The Overcoats and Michael Blume surprised me the most. They captivated the crowd and were so dynamic and charismatic. It's great to see students dancing at the more upbeat performances. Throughout my time here, I have always found dancing at the acoustic coffeehouses so healing.”

“I'm so grateful to cab for trusting me with this responsibility and that I've learned so much in the process about what it takes to put on an event like this.” This week’s performance will begin at 8:00 p.m.

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