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Spring 2022 Ballot

What are we voting for this elections cycle?

  • All Class Presidents & Class Reps (Class of 2023, 2024, 2025)
  • New Funding System (Proposal for the Allocation & Rollover of the Student Activities Fee and Establishment of a Traditions Fund within the SAF)
  • Amendment to the Honor Court Constitution (allow students w/ prior violations to be considered for a position)


Class of 2023 President

Felix Tager (he/him)

Senior year should be filled with unforgettable memories - ones many haven’t created because of our unprecedented college experience. In addition to bringing back an exciting full Senior Week, I’ll create better senior event programming with alumni events and job fairs. We need programs helping us develop real-world skills we’ll need after Hamilton. The Assembly achieved incredible success this year, creating the new funding model/codes and rollover system, but there’s much more to be done, which is why I’m running for class president. As Treasurer, I got it done and I’m going to get it done again as your president.

Felix Tager

Class of 2023 Representatives

Evelyn Molina (she/her)

Hey besties! I’m Evelyn (She/hers), from Chicago, and I’m running for Class Representative. I was previously appointed to the student assembly, and I will use what I learned from that experience to ensure I am an effective Class Representative. My goal is to ensure the voices of seniors and students are heard, to foster positive change that is beneficial to students. I aim to create fun inclusive events throughout the year to bring connectedness within our class and to make our senior year memorable, especially for senior week events.

Thank you Hamiltonians. 

Evelyn Molina

Joshua Zeledon (he/him)

Hello everyone ! I am Josh and I am a French & Government major from Miami. I am running for senior class representative and I hope that I can count on your support during the elections. It’s insane that we are about to start our last year of college, and despite having half of our college experience altered by COVID, I aim to make our last year on campus extremely memorable. As class representative, I will make sure to take into account everyone’s thoughts on how we can finally experience a “normal” year on campus and be inclusive when pitching ideas for possible activities. 

By working with the fellow members of SA, we will also strive to create the best senior week possible so none of you will forget our time on the hill.

Joshua Zeledon

Christopher Akuleme (he/him)

I am Christopher Akuleme and this is my campaign platform for the position of Class of 2023 representative. Before Hamilton, I did two years of highschool in Ghana and three years in South Africa where I studied at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg. On the hill, I am a Resident Advisor, a Research Tutor, and an avid biker in my free time. My platform will focus on achieving three main objectives: increasing mental health resources, building a more efficient club funding system, and fostering productive discussions about the conduct of clubs and societies on campus.  A vote for me is a vote for your voice on SA.

Christopher Akuleme


Class of 2024 President

Raymond Ni (he/him)

I am running for Class of 2024 President because I want to better serve, build community, and make everyone feel welcome in the Class of 2024 and beyond. As the “COVID class” we experienced many hardships that deprived us of the normal Hamilton experience. I want to help mend these wounds by creating and bringing back class traditions, implementing community events, and thoroughly listening to the needs of members of our class. I further want to ensure that our community is inclusive and welcoming to all students on campus regardless of their background through DEI initiatives.

Raymond Ni

Class of 2024 Representatives


Ailyn Burbano (she/her)

Hi everyone! My name is Ali, a Philosophy & Economics double major hailing from the Bronx, NY, and would be honored to serve as the class of 2024’s student representative. Our time as Hamilton students here is limited, but the relationships we have the potential to build are indispensable. I believe that in any united, secure community, there lies the greatest capacity to extend opportunities for change anywhere- from Clinton, to Utica, and beyond. All it takes is a little love and direction to get the ball rolling, and I hope you’ll support me in executing this on your behalf!

Aylin Burbano




Adriel Wandja Django (he/him)

As your student representative, I will strive to bring transparency and honesty. I hope to represent all voices of Class of '24 because inclusion is not only representation; it is also participation. Therefore, I intend to make it easier for students to participate and control what happens on campus. I also plan to facilitate and enhance communication between the administration and students, so we may build a safe, proud, and interconnected community.

Adriel Wandja

Alexander Axton (he/him)

As a candidate for the class of 2024 representative, I’d like my platform to represent several principles: academic support, residential support, & student programming. At its heart, Student Assembly should exist to make the day-to-day life of students better & to let students' concerns be addressed. This means supporting how we live and creating accessible dining hall options; ensuring this campus is structured such that every student is primed for academic success; giving students a break from school in the form of social events. I hope that this message speaks to you & you support my candidacy!

Alexander Axton

Class of 2025 President

Ryley McGovern (he/him)

As the 2025 Class President, I will work towards a more supportive community on campus for marginalized students and prioritize Class of 2025 issues. Through the Justice and Equity Committee, I helped improve the HEOP summer program, strengthened Hamilton’s relationship with local non-profits, and unified the Hamilton community with events like Dippin’ Dots and bringing puppies to campus. If elected, I would like to expand my work to address issues surrounding equity and mental and physical accessibility. Being Class President would offer me access to unify and foster a safe and welcoming community for every student, present and future.

Ryley McGovern

Class of 2025 Representatives

Katrinah Tejeda (she/her)

In order to give the class of 2025 a voice during this difficult time, I am running for class representative. At a PWI, I will speak up for students of color including those who have been marginalized and want to alter the system. I intend to create a safe environment for students to talk about their experiences and share it to enforce change. As a member of The Visionaries, a group that advocates for sexual assault victims, I will implement a similar program for students on campus. If elected, I will listen to students and enforce change at Hamilton.

Katrinah Tejeda

Important Elections Dates

Sun, Apr 24

All Candidate Platforms Due at Midnight EST

Mon, May 02

Student Platforms Released to Campus Community

Sun, May 08

Polls Open at 12:01AM EST

Sun, May 08

Polls Close at 11:59PM EST

Tue, May 10

Election Results Announced at 12:01AM EST

Contact Information

Marvin Lopez (he/him)

Vice President
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