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FALL 2021

By-Law Addressing Functionality and Efficiency of Committees

This by-law focuses specifically on committees and their status during and after hiatus. It seeks to add to Article VIII. Committees with additions titled Section 5, 6, and 7. 

Cluster Model Phase-In By-Law Amendment

We propose a phased-in implementation of the Cluster Model. Intrinsically interlinked with these issues are larger questions of overall allocation of the Student Activities Fee as it relates to democratic student-led decision-making. We offer the creation of a dedicated committee to work on these issues to ensure all changes to Student Assembly funding processes are made from a holistic perspective, keeping in mind the ways policy changes in one area of the Treasury impact overall funding.

Constitutional Amendment

This is a Constitutional Amendment introduced by Class of 2025 Representative Isa Cardoso. It will be voted on during the December 15, 2021 election. It speaks on the topic of elections. 

Fall 2020

Constitutional Amendments

Spring 2020

Contact Information

Marvin Lopez (he/him)

Vice President
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