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Fall Semester

Fall Fest

Fall Fest is a festival with various activities, food, and performances for the surrounding community and students, on the Clinton village green. The Traditions Committee hosts the Off-the-Hill Challenge, which encourages students to get to know their local area and merchants better by visiting Village Shops in Clinton.

International Week

Started in 2018, International Week celebrates diversity and inclusion on campus. In 2018, the Cultural Affairs Committee collaborated with various student orgs to put together events such as International Trivia Night, ISA Dinner, All Beliefs Union Spirituality around the World Discussion, and Multilingual Day. We also played international music in Sadove and decorated the dining halls with the flags and bios of international students.

Thanksgiving Break Planning

Started in 2018, Thanksgiving Break Planning aims to make Thanksgiving more enjoyable and community-oriented for those staying on campus during the break. In 2018, we hosted events such as Thanksgiving Community Lunches, Hockey 101, Rock Climbing 101, De-stress Session, and Movie Trip.

Spring Semester

Feb Fest

Fall Fest is one of the best traditions to celebrate autumn! Student Assembly and several other organizations come together in the center of Clinton with tasty food and fun events. Join us for the Off the Hill challenge, or sit and paint a pumpkin while having a donut from the Cider Mill and listen to Hamilton a cappella performers.

International Fair Day

The Cultural Affairs Committee invites community members to the International Fair Day, a celebration of global diversity at Hamilton. Through songs and dances, crafts and dishes, students will share their cultural background from all around the world. Regions represented in the past include Yemen, Brazil, México, Israel, Italy, Greece, Japan, and the list only keeps growing.

Senior Week

Senior Week is one of the highlights of senior year! It takes place after spring semester finals and before commencement. It is the perfect week of events planned by the senior class to celebrate their time at Hamilton and their achievements. 

Additional Traditions

Town Hall

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Food Truck

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Lighting of Our Village

One of our newest traditions, the Lighting of the Village started in December 2018 to bring a little light to the community as the winter months roll in. Student Assembly brings the community together lit up with lights and sparklers, raffles, delicious desserts, and the singing of Charissima, Hamilton's alma mater.

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