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President: Saphire Ruiz '22, VP: Kavya Crasta '21


This platform is a combination of old ideas compiled in the Spring 2020 Platform for Student Voices, and new ones reflecting the unprecedented moment we are in. Underlying each of these advocacies is one goal: advancing the interests of the students of Hamilton College to the fullest extent possible via the Student Assembly. Our view is that the Assembly should be a student union, exclusively accountable to the needs of students. We are the ticket with the experience to do it. 


President, Saphire Ruiz '22, State of the College Address, February 1st

“I want students, and this community, to know that they have the capacity to make change. That their voices matter, that their participation is valued, that their fears and worries are our fears and worries. This is the Student Assembly. This is what we represent: the spirit of democratic collaboration and growth.” 

Previous Administration

Fall 2019 (Amanda Kim, Jiin Jeong)

Communication & Transparency

  • Board of Trustees Presentation
  • SA Website Update
  • E-Vote (Electronic Vote) Transparency By-law Amendment


  • Climate Strike Speech
  • Climate Change Solidarity Statement 

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Indigenous People's Day Solidarity Statement 

Spring 2019 (Amanda Kim, Gianni Hill)

  • Internal Improvements
  • Restructured Town Hall

Fall 2018 (Nadav Konforty, Julian Perricone)

Summer Initiatives 2020

Building an Inclusive Campus Culture

In response to more frequent violations of the college’s policy on discrimniation and harassment, Student Assembly is looking to head a culture shift towards inclusivity on campus. This team will be responsible for working collaboratively with Dean Maria, the DMC, and student organizations when devising plans and actions on behalf of Hamilton’s Student Assembly.


  • Work with DMC and Dean Maria to create a set of values for a more inclusive Hamilton student, and produce a corresponding resolution for the Fall 2020 semester

  • Rework the stated goals of the Student Assembly Cultural Affairs Committee to better address the complexities of shifting a community culture

  • Investigate options for inclusivity training for all student leaders on campus (Captains, Organization E-Boards, and Student Assembly Representatives)


Contact Tommy Keith for more information. 


Constitution and Funding Committee

It has become increasingly apparent that Student Assembly’s current funding codes do not adequately allow the Funding Committee to make objective decisions when organizing the Central Council’s budget. This committee will design new and revised funding codes aimed at ensuring equity, and realistic and efficient implementation.


  • Refine and organize the funding codes in order to better promote:
    • Equity when determining funding for student organizations 
    • Efficiency when allocating funding to student organizations 


Contact Nicole Ramirez for more information. 


Constitution Committee

Constructed piecemeal, our Constitution and Bylaws are highly disorganized and brimming with inconsistency. This team will address their organization by rearranging paragraphs and clauses. At the same time, the team will discuss improvements to our stated mission and the election codes (which should go hand-in-hand).


  • Better organizing of the Constitution and Bylaws, such that each contains the codes which pertain to its topic

  • Review election codes in light of recent criticism

  • Reevaluate Constitutional paragraphs which touch on the mission and values of the Central Council and Student Assembly


Contact Séamus Wiseman for more information. 

Training for SA Representatives

Class Presidents and Representatives on the Central Council should be given guidance on how to engender tangible benefits to our campus. Given the newest additions to the duties of these students, this training will be designed to help them succeed in their responsibilities as community leaders. This team will be looking at recent bylaws amendments concerning member’s responsibilities and considering how those roles can be best realized.


  • Develop a pre-first-meeting training program for representatives on ethics, responsibilities, rules, and funding codes


Contact Maya Mathews for more information.

Building SA's Relationship with Administration

This team will work to maintain and grow the established means for productive communication between representatives and the administration. This work will entail work with a variety of untried administrative contacts, as well as the existing committees employed by Student Assembly.


  • Brainstorm tangible responsibilities to embed in the SA Bylaws encouraging representatives to meet with administrators and provide input on administrative work and policy
    • The work should take into consideration the many unique administrative offices on campus. 


Contact Eric Kopp for more information. 

Publicity and Transparency Work

Student activists made it clear this semester that it can be difficult to appreciate the work of Student Assembly when so much only takes place behind the scenes. This team will prepare proposals for both holding Central Council members accountable and keeping the student body updated on progress on these summer initiatives. They will also brainstorm and draft plans for continuing this work toward transparency into the Fall 2020 semester and beyond.


  • Update SA’s Website with a Summer Initiatives Tab and events log
    • Events log will allow student body to track the Assembly's progress on projects
    • Calendar of meetings will be updated frequently in case constituents are interested in joining our initiatives 
  • Utilize social media outlets more frequently and creatively
    • Instagram takeovers will occur often as a means of providing short summaries about our upcoming work 
    • Publicize progress on summer initiatives/ projects on Facebook and Twitter
  • Brainstorm and plan events that will allow the student body to get more involved with committees 
  • Ensuring statements and resolutions are constantly being translated to PDF Files so they can be kept in the Student Assembly drive for reference


Contact Ashley García for more information. 

Title IX Letter

The Hamilton Student Assembly is leading a coalition of twenty-two New York state institutions of higher education in the push for a reconsideration of DeVos' Title IX changes. We have committed ourselves to fighting for the rights of all survivors. You can view the letter sent to congress here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or

Contact Information

Emily Jiang (they/them)

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