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executive and standing committee updates

Most of the Central Council's work happens in committees. We update the Assembly and Student Body on our progress through weekly reports, committee minutes, and announcements at our Monday meetings.
Find our committee minutes folder HERE.

Executive Committees

Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee is responsible for maintaining and amending the guiding documents of the Student Assembly, including the Constitution and Bylaws. The committee ensures that the Central Council conforms to these documents and to college policy in all its actions. It also receives proposed amendments to these documents from members of the Central Council and works to turn them into final draft amendments and to present them to the Council and the student body.

If you have any questions or would like to join the committee, contact:
Allison Sheehan,

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a closed committee that meets on an ad hoc basis. The members are the President of the Student Assembly, Vice President of the Student Assembly, Treasurer, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Director of Publicity, and all Class Presidents. Generally, the committee is only called to meet when an issue of utmost importance cannot wait until the next Student Assembly meeting to be discussed. The meeting has also been used to flesh out the agenda for the Assembly and to get a sense for where each class stands.

If you have any questions, contact:
Emily Jiang,

Funding Committee

The Funding Committee is responsible for managing and recommending all Hamilton College recognized student organizational budgets as they pertain to the Student Assembly budget. While this committee is closed to the greater community, it is comprised of brilliant, elected class treasures from each class year. We work closely and maintain relationships with the Student Assembly, all recognized student organizations, and the office of Student Activities.

If you have any questions, contact: or Felix Tager,

Internal Affairs Committee

Made up of the Vice President and committee heads, the Internal Affairs Committee serves as the hub for all standing committee work in the Assembly. It meets on a monthly basis and brainstorms potential inter-committee collaborations. The Internal Affairs Committee also serves as the hub for all resolution discussions, 

If you have any questions or would like to join the committee, contact:
Emily Jiang,

Standing Committees

Academic, Enrollment, and Development (AED)

The Academic, Enrollment, and Development Committee (AED) focuses on everything in the academic, enrollment and financial aid, career and development, and LITS sphere. Our main goals for this semester are to increase the presence and power of students in committees that make important decisions pertaining to academics, and advocate for academic flexibility and patience during COVID. We also are working to increase transparency around faculty and administrative decisions in these areas.

This committee meets every Thursday evening via Zoom.

If you have any questions or would like to join the committee, contact:

Cicille Dan-Morton,

Justice and Equity Committee

The Justice and Equity Committee’s mission is to challenge the historically inequitable systems at Hamilton, to actively dismantle acts of inequity, and to aim for justice. Through the Central Council's work and collaborations with other groups on campus, we aim to amplify the voices of marginalized students and effectively advocate for their needs. We hope to work with all organizations in administering a strategy to ensure that equity and justice are a part of their goals as well. We also hope to create a relationship of mutual understanding and goal-setting between the representatives and the student body. We want Hamilton to be an equitable and safe environment for all students, regardless of their identity in all aspects of collegiate life. 

The committee will be meeting every Sunday at 3 P.M. in the ACE room. 

If you have any questions or would like to join the committee, contact:
Nevaeh Gutierrez,

Residential Life & Safety Committee (RLS)

The Res Life & Safety (RLS) Committee has hit the ground running this semester. With regard to Campus Safety, we are outlining a procedure for students to report incidents or concerns about interactions campus safety officers, as well as publicizing Campus Safety policy and code of conduct. In the Res Life sphere, we are currently coordinating with other committees about a serious issue that has been brought to the attention of the Assembly regarding financial aid, RAs, and compensation. During the current turbulent times, we are working towards ensuring RAs are well-equipped to handle the new COVID-19 regulations and feel as if they are supported adequately. 

If you have any questions or would like to join the committee, contact:
Jackson Harris,

Student Health Committee

The Student Health Committee focuses on issues concerning mental health, physical health, dining, and athletics. In addition to addressing student concerns regarding dining and athletics, the committee’s main goals are to improve transparency and accessibility to mental and physical health resources for all students, especially for Black, Indigenous, people of color, queer, and low-income individuals on campus. 

If you have any questions or would like to join the committee, contact:

Abigail Hagan,

Contact Information

Marvin Lopez (he/him)

Vice President
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