Audit & Action Council

Spring 2021

The Audit & Action Council is an independent, and only legitimate, collaborative Council on racial justice at Hamilton College. Its members include students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The ultimate aim of this council will be to review the draft recommendations of the Advisory Council, comment on them both with the dedicated body and the greater Hamilton community, and create our own set of recommendations. Through this, we will be creating our own feedback process, both for the recommendations for the Advisory Council and for our own recommendations as the Audit & Action Council.

General Members of Audit & Action Council

Individuals/organizations with an ** are those who were explicitly excluded from the Advisory Council at the discretion of the College President, despite their request for membership. In an effort to avoid the problems of the Advisory Council, we encourage community members to contact with concerns regarding representation. We are open to suggestions.


Saphire Ruiz, President of Student Assembly

Kavya Crasta, Vice President of Student Assembly 

Christian Hernandez Barragan, Secretary of Student Assembly 

**Professor Shelley Haley, Classics, Tenured, Intentionally excluded from original Advisory Council by the Office of the President despite request

Julio Demb, Social Activist Chair of the **Black and Latinx Student Union

Janna Perez, Member of the **Feminists of Color Collective

Jonathan Dong, Member and former Co-President of the Asian Student Union 

Luis López, Treasurer of La Vanguardia

Khulsen “T” Tulga, Publicity Director of the International Cultural Association 

Emily Fienco ‘23, Chair of the Student Assembly Justice and Equity Committee

Professor Nigel Westmaas, Africana Studies, Tenured

Angélica Ramos, Former E-Board Member for the Feminists of Color Collective and La Vanguardia

Sacharja Cunningham, LITS Instructional Designer

Dayna Campbell, Assistant Director of Community Standards

Representative from Gender Sexuality Union

Non-Member Advisors of the Audit & Action Council

All members of the Justice & Equity Committee are non-member advisors:

Mariam Saied, Class of 2023 Representative and Vice-Chair 

Adina Mujica, Class of 2024 Representative

Pablo Reina-Gonzalez, Class of 2022 Representative

Salwa Sidahmed, Class of 2023 Representative


Non- member of Justice & Equity Committee:

Felix Tager, Class of 2023 Student 


Contact Information

Nicole Soret (she/her)

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