Nipper's Harbour, Newfoundland. 8/4 Day 12


Population: 150 Teenagers: 4

It is beautiful here! The four teenagers from this town met us in their green pickup truck, after following Jitney 23 for a brief period of time, and led us on a short hike to a scenic waterfall (see picture to right). They then took us to "Lions Head" which is a formation just off the rocky coastline, that loosely resembles the body of a lion. These Newfies truly have accents, referring to the city of St. Anthony as "St. Antny" and the three girls referred to their male friend Riley as "Roley." A great afternoon! Back to geology...

Visible Minerals & Rocks:
The main rock at this location is grayish green in color. It contains chlorite, feldspar, quartz, epidote, mica, some pyrite and hematite.

This green stone is known as a green schist. Chlorite is the mineral that gives the rock a green hue and the lime/yellow green color is due to the presence of epidote. This particular schist is a low-grade metamorphic rock; meaning it was 'only' heated to 200-300 degrees celsius and put under 1-2 kilobars of pressure during formation..

How Did This Get Here?
The schist appears layered. The edges of each layer are darker and finer grained, which signals faster cooling of the layer. This implies that these layers are intrusions. When there is cooling on either side, it is known as a dike.

Quick facts: How a dike is formed: When a fracture occurs on the ocean floor, magma pushes through, rapidly cooling on all sides and forms a dike. How the ophiolite complex is formed: If dike formation happens repeatedly, a massive complex will form (up to 4 km). **link? to vocab page?**

This is a sheeted dike; a part of the tilted, broken and shifted ophiolite complex. We are in the Dunage terrain; no longer the Grenville Basement material! There is a higher degree of metamorphism. It is an ophiolite complex that differs chemically from any other ocean-ridge basalts. This did not form at the spreading divergent region of the ocean floor.

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