Port-Aux-Basques Beach


Bedrock Geology
At the first outcrop we came across, there were two types of metamorphic rock present. One layer was a kyanite, garnet, biotite, and staurolite schist (see photo below). The other layer, which could either be a metamorphosed basalt sill or just the result of a different interbedded layer in the parent material, was an amphibolite, containing feldspar and hornblende.

While walking along the shore, we found some large garnet crystals exposed in the bedrock.
Changes in the Bedrock
Further down the beach, the appearance of the outcrop changes. The schist is more muscovite-rich, and it is interlayered with a green calc-silicate rock. As a resultm the outcrop has an overall lighter appearance. There are also some small scale folds present. This bedrock is most likely composed of metamorphosed limestone interbedded with shale. The seagulls also seem to like it here.

Here are some of the small, open folds.

A picture of the group with Port-Aux-Basques in the background


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