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Message from HamVotes Committee

The HamVotes Committee is a nonpartisan team of Hamilton College administrators and student ambassadors committed to helping Hamilton students get involved in the voting process every step of the way. From registering to vote, finding out who is on the ballot, obtaining a ballot in-person or by mail, and heading to the polls on Election Day, we want to support you! 

"Hamilton College considers voting an important part of our civic responsibility, and encourages you to register to vote!

If you haven't already registered to vote, there will be opportunities during new student orientation, large campus events, National Voter Registration Day, and various other occasions to do so.


We can help you with:

VOTER REGISTRATION- Using All In To Vote and official state registration forms, we will help you register and stay registered. Check out our calendar to see when our Student Ambassadors will be tabling. They can help you fill out your form correctly, tell you about registering using your home address vs. your campus address, make sure you send it to the right place, and generally ease the process.

VOTER EDUCATION- We can help you learn about elections at any step of the process. From nominations, primaries, general elections, obtaining a ballot, and learning who is running for office where you are registered, we can help!

BALLOT ACCESS AND VOTER TURNOUT- Using All In To Vote and state ballot applications, we can help you learn what you need to bring with you to the polls and the location of your polling place, as well as apply for absentee or mail-in ballots. We can also help you get transportation to the local polling place for Hamilton's district. Keep an eye out for our "Party at the Mailbox" event sponsored by Civic Nation!


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