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Student Assembly's First Discussion on Diversity Town Hall Meeting on April 23rd was a big success! Thanks to all who attended.

Next Town Hall meeting will be on Wednesday the 30th in Chapel at 7:30 pm, open to faculty, administration and students.

Student Assembly Commitee Report Highlights

April 21st

  • Philanthropy: Finalizing everything for the Silent Auction Gala; this Friday at 6:00pm in Sadove; senior formal tickets, senior week tickets, Clinton pottery mugs, breakfast in bed, serenades by a cappella groups, and much more will be auctioned!
  • Cultural Affairs: Another Cultural Food Truck series in Sadove at 6:00pm on Thursday; La Vanguardia
  • Social Traditions: Plans for selling C&C Day Tshirts
  • Student Interests:  o Next meeting is Monday at 4:00pm in Sadove. Vandalism campaign close to roll-out. Slip-’n’-Slide proposal underway. Little Pub Pool Tournament
  • Health and Safety: Dining hour changes for C&C day; possible hydration stations, Working with Active Minds on Puppy Project
  • Facilities: Staff Appreciation Day big success!
  • Constitution: Putting out all-campus survey to have people vote on new legislation
  • Food: Discussed different dessert options and student employment opportunities with Bon Appétit at last week’s meeting
  • Library and ITS Committee: Seniors should look out for a survey this week about research skills; seniors who take the survey will have a chance to win a prize
  • For full reports and minutes, please click here.

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