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Student Assembly meets every Monday at 9pm in Sadove Conference Room.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

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Get involved on campus and come to our weekly meetings! Student Assembly is a great way to share your ideas and concerns on campus. Stay up to date and check out our social media sites. If you have any suggestions, write in the box below! Make sure you check your email or the website for the minutes after the meeting! 


The assembly dicussed a proposed Late Night Shuttle Resolution, which is posted under Fall 2015 Resolutions.

Students are acting rude and exhibiting appalling behavior towards the Late Night Jitney Ride-a-Longs. If students do not start treating these hard working students with more respect, the Late Night Jitney will be suspended. We, as a community, should always treat each other with respect and compassion, and on top of that, we don't want the late-night jitney to be gone!

Coming up:

Knit-A-Thon-  This Thursday, 10/1 from 4-6 pm at the Sadove Sun Porch

Fallcoming Beer Tasting this Friday, 10/2 from 5-7pm at the Little Pub

Fallcoming Tailgate table this Saturday, 10/3 from 11am-3pm between Steuben & Love Fields

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