With the ice melted, Crew looks to improve this spring

By Kaitlin McCabe '16

In Rome, the Erie Canal welcomed the men and women’s crew teams for Hamilton College’s first home regatta on Saturday, April 13.  Overall, the morning brought generally good rowing conditions and a manageable 10 mph tailwind covering the water. Having faced Union (M 2nd, W 1st) and Tufts (M 2nd, W 2nd) last weekend, the teams were ready to give a strong race against University of Rochester and, for the women, Hobart &William Smith.

The men’s competition began with the varsity eight boats. Sawyer Konys ’16 was coxswain, Jared Lippman ’16 sat in stroke seat and Dylan Jackson ’13 manned the bow seat. Also seated were  Charlie Wilson ’16, Aaron Whiteman ’13, Landon Morin ’16, Eric Niemenen ’16, Max Geiduschek ’14 and Grant Meglis ’14.  Rochester covered the 2,000 meter length of the course in 6:11.41, surpassing Hamilton’s 6:22.55, and also came in first for the second varsity eight race with a time of 6:29.36.  Hamilton’s boat, which finished in 6:38.20, included Monica Gutierrez ’15 (coxswain), Jake Wagner ’15 (stroke), Gardner Reed ’14 (bow seat), Alex Cates ’15, Patrick English ’15, Kyle Leahy ’14, Philip Ewing ’15, Simon Judd ’13 and Andrew Szatkowski ’15.  Yet, Hamilton ultimately came out victorious during the novice eight race, finishing in 6:36.21 with Rochester in 6:46.75. The currently undefeated boat seats Jack Cavanaugh ‘16 (coxswain), Lippman (stroke), Ronald Sprague ’16 (bow), Wilson, Marc Horschman ’16, Russ DeGrazia ’15, Alec Melone ’16, Tianshu Liu ’16 and Max Luthringer ’16.

Overall, the Hamilton men’s crew team finished in 2nd place. In its first race against William Smith and University of Rochester, the Hamilton women’s first varsity eight boat came in third, finishing in 7:03.35 compared to Williams Smith’s 6:41.04 and Rochester’s 6:56.36. Kelsey Burke ‘13 was the coxswain, Keara Fenzel ’14 was in stroke seat and Jess Pedersen ’15 was in the bow. The other members of the boat included Karly Moore ’15, Margaret Hylas ’15, Caroline Walton ’15, Helen Higgins ’13, Annie Lindahl ’15 and Erin Gerrity ’15.?

The team was successful in the second varsity eight race, however, with a finishing time of 7:02.45.  Williams Smith nearly passed Hamilton with a time of 7:06.40, and Rochester followed in 7:15.47.  Heather Piekarz ’16 was the coxswain of this winning boat, which also included rowers Hideko Nara ’15 (stroke), Rachel Johnson ’13 (bow), Fiona Hoffman-Harland ’13, Emma Zanazzi ’15, Keara Lynn ‘16, Grace Bowers ’15, Ally Kontra ’15 and Jess Sofen ’16.?? In the third varsity eight race, William Smith took first in 7:19.24, and Rochester came in second at 7:29.29.  Hamilton was third in 7:42.41. The boat included Sydney Cantor (coxswain), Coash (stroke), Meredith Garner ’15 (bow), Byers, Rachel Landman ’15, Feuerstein, Hannah Zucker ’15, Schramm and Margaret Smith ’15.  The novice boat race included only William Smith and Hamilton.  The former won in 7:21.34, which was 13 seconds ahead of Hamilton, whose boat held The boat held Amy Yeun Jae Song’16 (coxswain), Sofen (stroke), Mollie Major ’14 (bow), Lynn, Julia Coash ’16, Rachel Feuerstein ’16, Taylor Healy ’15, Nina Byers ’16 and Katie Schramm ’16.?. The Women’s Crew team finished in third place.

Head Coach Eric Summers is optimistic for the teams’ upcoming regattas.  He said, “The lack of water time this spring has really hurt our race preparation and now that the Erie Canal is thawed out, I do expect us to pick up speed over the remainder of our season.  We are a young team and our varsity 8’s are still sorting themselves out, but I am seeing some good things in practice that will soon translate to our races.”

This weekend, on Saturday, April 20, Hamilton will race along the Erie Canal once more against St. Lawrence beginning at 11 a.m  The entire Hamilton community is invited and encouraged to come support the teams in their last home regatta of the Spring 2013 season!


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