M. Frisbee defeats Colgate

By Tucker Hamlin ’17

This year, Hamilton’s ultimate Frisbee team, the Hot Saucers, has been flying under the radar, given its talent and success. This team has  established itself as a legitimate contender amongst schools in upstate New York, even though it is only at the club level.

The Saucers have not been taking the easy route, as they have been competing against top Division II schools in SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Fredonia.

The Hot Saucers have started to build one of the strongest teams in recent years as a result of this year’s intense practicing.

With an influx of new talent, especially with the unstoppable Boucher twins, Jonah ’17 and Kateri ’17, along with other first-years, Isaac Kirshner  and Jon Shapiro, the Ultimate team on campus is poised for success. Although the Saucers have great new contributors, much of the experience of the team comes from the three captains, Alex Lowy ’14, Dan Witte ’14, and Spencer Olsson ’14.

The experience and talent of these three players, along with the high level of play by the team’s underclassmen, including Nicholas Lucchesi ’16, has made the Hot Saucers one of the most successful teams on campus.

In discussing the team’s dynamic with players young and old, Jon Shapiro ’17 said, “the Hot Saucers’ [team dynamic] has expanded incredibly over the course of the year.”

On the team’s expectations at regionals, Shapiro continued, “Our experience at sectionals proved that our level of play can give these large and well-known programs a run for their money; it is not a ridiculous concept that we do very well at regionals, if not qualify for nationals.”

The week during spring break that the team spent in Georgia competing at High Tide was critical for building team chemistry and skill. The team finished in second place, demonstrating how its hard work has come to fruition.

This weekend, the Hot Saucers will travel to the regional tournament to once again prove their ability.

Lucchesi knows the importance of the opportunity. He commented, “We hope to continue asserting ourselves as a program that is on the rise in the Division III scene. I believe that a strong showing this weekend will be important for instilling a drive to improve in returning players as the team seeks to grow in the coming seasons.”

Lucchesi continued and said, “We have a lot of depth and young talent as well as a large group of dedicated seniors, who may be playing in their last tournament as Hot Saucers.”

With the season winding down, Lowy expressed, “the guys had a strong performance at the Conference Championships, placing third. We look to continue our success this weekend at the Regional Championships and attempt to make Nationals.”

Although the Hot Saucers may be an under-recognized team at Hamilton, they should be noticed for their skill and success throughout this season, and supported as they fight for a spot at Nationals.


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