Crew philanthropy raises over $6,000

By Yoshi Hill '16

Within the space of 12 hours this past Saturday, the crew team rowed a total of 1.5 million meters. Despite it being their offseason, they reunited from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to take part in an “ergathon” which raised over $6,200 for the Ronald McDonald House.

For a dozen hours, 45 members of the team worked together to keep nine rowing machines in motion. Most team-members rowed for three hours, whether in six half-hour shifts or in three one hour shifts. Two seniors, Kyle Leahy and Gardner Reed, rowed an impressive three hours straight from the beginning of the event. Junior Hideko Nara was able to raise $773 individually.

Russ DeGrazia ’15 played a major part in organizing the event with the help of the team’s coach. “The team decided prior to winter break that we were going to do an ergathon and it was our coach who recommended the charity.” DeGrazia said, “After researching it, it was clear that our money could not be going to a better place.”

The team also invited spectators to participate. With a small donation, they could row on one of the machines for a minute and the man and woman who reached the furthest distance won t-shirts.

The ergathon, which took place in the Margaret Bundy Scott Field House, also proved to be a chance for the crew team to reunite during the offseason. Patrick English ’15 said, “Getting the team back together was great. It can be tough to see everyone as often as we’d like to. It was exciting to see the team participate in the ergathon as well as fundraising, organizing and advertising.” Forty-five members of the team were able to take part in the event and banded together for a great cause. DeGrazia added, “What I think was most impressive was everyone’s commitment to the ergathon, raising money for a wonderful cause and the positive attitudes they brought. We are looking forward to doing it again next year.

Both crew teams commence their season during spring recess when they head to Winter Park, FL. There, they will take part in the Tars Regatta on March 22 hosted by Rollins College. Subsequently, they face two races in consecutive days on April 5 and April 6. First, both teams will compete against Union College for the Gilman Cup on the Erie Canal. They will then travel to Medford, Mass to compete in a race hosted by Tufts University.


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