Letter to the Editor

By Leah Cairns '13

Re: Women’s ice hockey squeaks out win vs. Wesleyan

Last week’s article “Women’s ice hockey squeaks out win vs. Wesleyan” referred to the team as the “Lady Continentals.” This moniker was also used on the front page teaser. Women’s athletic teams at Hamilton College are not Lady Continentals—we are simply Continentals.

The use of the qualifier “Lady” is not only incorrect, but also demeaning. When female athletes are on the field, the ice, or the court, we are not thinking about being ladies. We are representing our school and we are competing to win. It would be absurd for anyone to suggest that our men’s teams be called the Gentleman Continentals, so why use an adjective to describe us?

In recent years, colleges and universities across the country have dropped the “Lady” label, as it is generally accepted as a sexist practice. Hamilton women have never been called the Lady Continentals, nor should they be; let’s not take any steps backwards in the fight for gender equality in athletics.


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