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Class of '14:

Samuel Wagner

In third grade I was voted class president and that year I accidentally killed the class goldfish. Last year, as class president, I didn’t kill anything. That’s improvement you can trust. I am not perfect and neither is Hamilton but if you allow us to continue to work together, both of us will be by the end of next year. Vote for Sam Wagner for 2014 Class President. It’s all I’ve got.


Felipe Garcia

I consider the Class of 2014 to be my extended family away from home.  I have worked diligently to represent 2014 for 3 years, and I am now ready to step up to the plate.  As the chair of the Food Committee since freshmen year, I managed to bring back, curly fries, equivalency night, and introduce milkshakes at the Diner! If I were to be President, I will continue to make great strides for our class. Next year’s plans are going to be even bigger and better. Vote Felipe— your brother from another mother!


Isaac Handley-Miner

After serving as the Class of 2014 Treasurer for one semester and the Central Council Treasurer for two semesters, I have a lot of experience with the inner workings of Student Assembly and the funding process. As a result, I will be able to make valuable contributions to next year’s funding decisions as well as work to improve the existing funding procedures. Specifically, I hope to simplify the budget proposal process for club leaders, create a short and simple guide for completing budget proposals, explore increasing the club sport allocation, and ensure that we provide sufficient funding for Hamilton’s most popular events.


Class of '15:

Jose Vasquez

In two years on Student Assembly, it has been an honor to serve the Class of 2015 and I want to continue this responsibility. Over this past year, I have co-founded and carried out projects through the Philanthropy Committee (HamGive) and taken part in various discussions to improve the efficiency of Student Assembly. As Class President, I seek to increase communication between representatives and students and throw a class-wide event for Fall 2013. As President, I plan to reach out to organizations and assure that they have their questions answered on Student Assembly and budgeting functions.


Teresa Viteri

Hello incoming and future junior class of 2015. My name is Teresa and I am a sophomore just like you striving to make our time at Hamilton that much better. As a recipient of the Posse leadership scholarship, I am willing to put my leadership skills to the test. I’ve been proud to serve as your treasurer for our freshman and sophomore year and I look forward to working with our student body team and continue building on our successes. I promise to inform you of the allocation of the money and incorporate your decisions in student assembly meetings while making you feel vital to the class. After mastering the fundamentals of funding, I am eager to continue as your junior class treasurer; vote Terry Viteri for secretary/treasurer of the class of 2015.


Class of '16:

Lia Parker-Belfer

My name is Lia Parker-Belfer and I am running for re-election as your Class President!  As your current Class President I have learned how our student government functions and how to initiate action and make change. I spent this past year working closely with Philanthropy committee and Student Interests Committee to help promote campus involvement in community service and improve daily life. I am currently working with HEAG to help make our campus greener through the increased use of reusable water bottles. If re-elected I will continue to work with you and for you. Re-elect me because I truly care about our class and our community. I strive for excellence in all that I do and I want to continue doing the same for the class of 2016. Vote LIA PARKER-BELFER! Thank you!

Thomas Topp

I’m interested in running for President because I would like to get to know the Class of 2016 better and want to be able to do something constructive, not only for our class, but also for Hamilton. I served on student government for three years in High School and have worked with students and faculty to plan things from large events like prom, to small fundraisers like bake sales. I was also Captain of my House senior year and have a lot of experience working with students in different grades and from different backgrounds. At Hamilton, I’m treasurer of Active Minds, a member of the men’s rugby team, and a HAVOC volunteer. I’m a friendly guy so if you see me on campus, don’t be afraid to say hi!


Rachel Pollan

Hi! My name is Rachel Pollan, and I would like to be your Class of 2016 President. During my past year as your freshman class representative, I was co-chair of the Student Interests Committee. I brought you the umbrella share program, helped implement free coffee Sundays, and am currently planning an exciting event for Class and Charter Day. I am an active member of the Food Committee and Social Traditions. I am enthusiastic, organized, and I want to share your interests and voice your concerns. Please vote for me so I may have the opportunity to represent you. Thanks!


Laura Rivera

My name is Laura Rivera; I am interested in being Class President, I want to help be a part of a happy and well-heard class. I genuinely know most of the students in my year, and I am a part of what’s going on. I want to be one of the faces that get things done. I like people, why not try this right? I was class president all four years of high school, I had a great time, and I thought I’d be interested in running for my sophomore year. Thanks for reading, good luck to everyone else running.


Ryan Ong

My name is Ryan Ong and I am interested in running for the position of Class of 2016 Treasurer/Secretary. Throughout high school I have been active with student government and I believe I can be an asset to Student Assembly Funding. I apply my leadership, team building, and communication skills that I learned as class president to the college’s community and the two student committees I am in: Philanthropy and Cultural Affairs. Currently, I hold a class representative position in Student Assembly. Also, just this semester, I was appointed as co-chair of Cultural Affairs Committee. The committee, my other co-chair, and I are in the process of planning the first NYC Day Trip. I am confident that I have the ability and determination to be an effective Class of 2016 Treasurer.


Jordan Zeng

Hi, I am Jordan Zeng. Thank you to everyone who supported me last year. It’s been a great honor to serve as the Class Treasurer/Secretary for the Class of 2016! Throughout this past year, three fellow treasurers and I have worked hard on making sure that every student club/organization gets a fair share from the funding pool. Although funding went empty near the end of the school year, it’s not an unusual phenomenon, as we try our best to ensure all student activities get funded. I hope to continue to fight for all of you this upcoming year!


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