By Brian Sobotko '16

Williams to host Urbanization and Development Conference
Next week, Williams College will host a conference on Urbanization and Development in response to the rapid changes in growth throughout the world. The conference will take place over two days, starting with a keynote address by Gilles Duranton, professor and chair of the Real Estate Department at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday Oct 17. Then, on Friday, there will be numerous talks throughout the day with subjects ranging from a wide variety of issues including climate change in multiple regions, transportation in Chinese cities and the role of the markets. These lectures will include professors from Harvard, UC Berkeley, Brown and Tufts as well as a senior economist from the World Bank.

Williams chose this topic in response to rapid urbanization throughout the world, from 20 percent of people living in urban areas one hundred years ago to an estimated 70 percent by 2050. The talk will aim to discuss how society should handle the challenges this growth creates.

Colby lecture addresses global hunger
Last week, author Francis Moore Lappe visited Colby and addressed global hunger.

Lappe explained there is no reason that anyone should go hungry or become sick from food. According to the UN, 842 million people in the world do not have enough to eat and malnutrition causes 45 percent of deaths of children under five.

Lappe, whose 1971 book Diet for a Small Planet, sold three million copies, talks about a change that must occur in global thinking.

“It’s not about more and more quantity; it’s about shifting over to the quality of human relationships and whether people who are growing food have the knowledge and tools to prevent their own hunger,” Lappe said, alluding to the higher rate of malnourishment in developing countries.

Bowdoin launches Green Career Series
Continuing the trend of emphasizing environmental awareness, Bowdoin’s Environmental Studies program launched a Green Career Series this year.  The series, which will expose students to a variety of environmental career paths, kicked off last week with a panel of green building professionals.

At last week’s event, the four panelists discussed how they got involved in the green industry as well as goals to reach energy efficiency.  Future sessions of the program will include discussions on corporate sustainability and city planning, urban agriculture and alternative transportation.


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