By Rylee Carrillo-Waggoner ’19

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Trinity College assistant professor coauthors parenting book

Trinity College Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Molly Helt recently co-authored The Activity Kit for Babies and Toddlers at Risk: How to Use Everyday Routines to Build Social Communication Skills. The aim of the book is to provide parents a way to aid their child’s development through activities in their everyday lives using easy to understand language. The book has become widely successful and is currently being translated into Korean and Turkish. 

Tufts University releases new food study 

Tufts University just released a study, and for the foodies out there, the news isn’t great. Apparently, regardless of whether a restaurant is something fast and greasy like Wendy’s or standard Italian, meals at over 92 percent of restaurants are incredibly calorie packed. The University studied 364 restaurants that varied in atmospheres and food selection but the results were especially concerning for American, Chinese and Italian fare, which had the highest calorie counts with a mean of 1,495 calories per meal. 

New online courses now offered at Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University has been a part of an online community of learners for awhile, offering a variety of free online courses through Coursea. Recently, they took this a step further and have begun offering classes in creative writing. These classes are the first creative writing classes on Coursea and will be taught by Professor Brando Skyhorse, Professor Amity Gaige, Professor Amy Bloom and Professor Salvatore Scibona.

Williams College grad premieres movie at Sundance Film Festival 

Williams College graduate Sarah Megan Thomas ’01 produced a new film, Equity, which premiered in late January at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie provides insight into being a woman with a high position on Wall Street. These women reveal how they fought their way to the top, combatting sexism the whole way. Most shocking of these stories are ones where woman hid pregnancies from co-workers. These women provide insight into being a woman in a man’s world. The movie stars Anna Gunn from “Breaking Bad” and has so far received largely positive reviews.

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