By Dillon Kelly ’16

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Tufts University recieves grant for biological research

Tufts University received a $10 million grant from Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen to fund research for the life sciences. Tufts developmental biologist Michael Levin will lead research at the Allen Discovery Center, focusing on whate role bioelectrical signaling plays in orchestrating how cells communicate and repair anatomical shapes. Levin states that this specific research is “the key to most problems in biomedicine.” According to Tufts Now, the Allen Discovery Center will be at the forefront of the life sciences and will allow Levin to invest the time and energy to make more breakthroughs in the field. 

Middlebury College joins group of colleges helping Syrian refugees

Middlebury College has recently joined a group of colleges that the Institute of International Education designated to  aid Syrian refugees. Jeff Cason, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the schools, hopes that Middlebury’s presence in the Middle East will be an additional asset to the Syrian refugees. He explained, “We can connect students to organizations in Jordan that can help with meeting the many and carried needs of the refugees.” Middlebury has a partnership with the University of Jordan. 

Acclaimed playwright and actor to speak at Amherst College 

Playwright, professor, and actor Anna Deavere Smith will lead a program titled “Snapshots: Portraits of a World in Transition.” For the past few years, Smith has been traveling the country and speaking to many people from all walks of life. At the lecture, she will perform portrayals of the people she interviewed, hoping to recreate and capture all these people’s differing views. 

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