Freshman receives perfect score in pitch competition

By Shannon O'Brien '15

After winning the Hamilton Pitch Competition last semester, Sam Matlick ’17 has continued his successful streak by receiving a perfect score at the SUNY IT pitch competition last weekend.

Matlick is the founder and CEO of SellYourTech, LCC, as well as the website The website gives people the opportunity to sell their used electronic products for the highest possible prices. Matlick initially thought of the idea for his company in high school, when he began buying and reselling other students’ electronic devices.

The competition included 31 teams from nine different colleges, but few people participated on their own as Matlick did. Three panels of judges oversaw the competition.

Although this competition was larger in scope than the Hamilton pitch competition, Matlick explained that his experience at Hamilton was much more challenging. “I had no prior experience, and really didn’t know what to expect or how to prepare,” said Matlick. “This time around I felt much more confident going into it, knowing that I had one under my belt already.”

Matlick admitted that he still felt nervous at the regional competition, but he was able to stay focused in order to present his pitch in the best way possible. “I just really wanted the chance to substantiate the proof of concept even more, and then have the opportunity to do it in front of people who could very well change my life at the state [competition] in Albany in a few weeks.”

Matlick will move on to the New York state competition at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the end of this month. He stays encouraged by thinking about the future. “If I can get one more business card, one more email address, one person that’s interested in or sees potential in what I’m doing, regardless of whether I win or not... that’s one more extension to my web of connections, and that’s what motivates me to move me forward.”


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