Admissions presents: The Class of 2017

By Brian Sobotko '16

Hamilton College circle of life turned once more last week as Hamilton released admissions decisions for the class of 2017 while the class of 2013 prepared to return to campus for the final time as students.

Last Thursday, March 28 at 8 p.m., high school seniors from 45 states and 34 countries were officially accepted into the Class of 2017. Including Early Decision, the school received 5,017 total applications, just 90 fewer than last year and 248 fewer than 2011’s record. So far, the school has admitted 1,361 students for a target class of 470. The current acceptance rate is equal to the record low of 27 percent from the past two years.

While these numbers are subject to change if the school utilizes the waitlist, this would mark the fewest acceptances the school has offered since 1982.

In addition to similar acceptance rates, the accepted class profile mirrors the breakdown of past admits. Twenty-six percent of admits identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or Multiracial, while an additional four percent are international citizens. This compares to an average of 25 percent and five percent over the last two years. While only 45 percent of admits are men, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Monica Inzer said, “Encouraging is the fact that 55 percent of our deposits (at this point, from ED) are men.”

The admitted class averaged 1418 on Critical Reading and Math sections of the SAT with 714 writing. These scores are nearly identical to the last two those of admitted classes. Of those students who attended a high school that ranks, 83 percent are in the top ten percent of their class. While this number is slightly lower than last year’s mark of 86 percent, only 40 percent of admits come from schools that rank–a number that has been declining.

In addition to hailing from 34 different countries, the current admitted class only lacks students from Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska and North and South Dakota. Not surprisingly, the most students come from New York, Massachusetts, California, New Jersey and Connecticut.

After months of reviewing applications, Inzer is excited to view these students as more than just lines on paper.

“Of course, there is so much more to this group than their numbers—suffice  it to say, we’re very excited about the admitted Class of 2017 and what they will bring to this community in non-quantifiable ways, too,” Inzer says.

Now, after months of these students trying to attract the College’s attention, the tables now turn, and the students must select Hamilton.

“What matters most now, though, is who chooses us.  National Candidate’s Reply date is just one month away (May 1), and we have many events (on and off campus), mailings and outreach activities planned to demonstrate our commitment to this great group of students,” Inzer explained.

Accepted Students Day is Monday, April 15, during which time those who were admitted will have the opportunity to visit a class, attend a Student Organization Fair, eat lunch with members of the Hamilton community and hear remarks from President Joan Hinde Stewart.

Meanwhile, admitted students and alumni are using many means, including the Scroll, to welcome the admitted class into the Hamilton community.


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