Life of A Dunham Resident Advisor

By Molly Geisinger ’19 and Cilly Geranios ’19

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Name: Karthik Ravishankar

Dorm on campus: Dunham

Dream dorm: Morris House

Favorite responsibility: Spending time with my advisees #BOYSSS

Least favorite responsibility: Making Bulletin Boards

Weirdest thing found on a room inspection: Gogurt 

Worst timing of a fire alarm: The night before my exam and I was passed out sleeping 

Most interesting thing heard through the wall: Nick Conzelman’s bed collapsing

Favorite request from a resident: “Can I throw a party in the common room?” 

Shade up or down: Midway.

Door locked or unlocked: Unlocked.

Favorite door decoration: Harambe.

Worst thing you walked in on?: Room 226’s disgusting bedroom. Clothes everywhere.

Pet peeve: Unflushed Urinals

Most punishable offense: For me, definitely having a dirty bathroom.

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