Bachelorette: Sabrina Gattine ’18

By Spectator Staff

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Hometown: Westbrook, M.E. 

Home on Campus: Milbank 36.

Major: Neuroscience

Turn On? Cool socks.

Turn Off? Socks with sandals.

Lights on or off? ~Mood lighting~.

If you were a dorm which would you be and why? Babbitt: fun and fire-y. 

What advertising slogan best describes your life? “Open happiness.” 

What TV genre best describes you? ABC Family, ‘nuff said.

What’s the best pick-up line you’ve ever used/had used on you? “Are you a leprechaun because you look magically delicious.”

If you had to describe yourself as the love child of any two musicians, whom would you pick and why? Elvis Presley and Niall Horan, hunka hunks of burnin’ love.

What’s the last lie you told? On my way.

If you were any social space, what would it be? Sadove basement––an undiscovered gem.

Which American historical figure are you most attracted to and why? Thomas Edison lights up my life.

If you could join one group on campus, what would it be? DJ club!

Which member of Disney royalty are you? MERIDA DUH. 

If you could break one rule at Hamilton and get away with it, which would you choose? Hanging out on roofs.

Who would you say is your faculty crush? Jeff McArn.

What is the weirdest thing currently in your room? A drawer full of ninja turtle bandaids, a ninja turtle dream light and a ninja turtle electric toothbrush.

If you could remake the points system, what would be the number one offense? Leaving your clothes in the laundry machine FOREVER.

If you were a food, which would you be and why? Sunkist because I’m bubbly and orange.

Favorite campus study spot? Sadove.

What was your first thought this morning? Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.

What would your perfect date be? Breakfast at Tiffany’ s, rockin’ jump and ice cream at Stewart’ s. 

What is the meaning of life? Laughter and chocolate.

What would you give a thumbs up? Dancing in the moonlight.

What would you give a thumbs down? Wet socks.

What are three things you can’t live without? Mac and cheese, yellow raincoats and my brother (awww).

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